Monday, February 16, 2009

happyhappy joyjoy

who says ice cream must be expensive only it's worth eating?
cheap ice-creams works just as well. as long in the end of the day it makes us happy or maybe it's always the company that counts.

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ice cream 1 costs rm1 in a flower shape :D
ice cream 2 was rm2.50 for 3 scoops. choose out of a whole bundle of flavours! :D i tell you it's just designers and their colour sense. hahahaha look at the ice cream colourslar. its happily colour co-ordinated. happy anot ms.alcho rockstarr

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the fruit aunt who was laughing will now remember us as the girls who wanna camwhore but suck in it since i took several attempts and my hands are a tad too short-_- kns.

reminder 1.
buy the bluetooth thing to transfer photos.

reminder 2.
get a sony ericsson memory card-_-

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