Saturday, February 7, 2009

the warmth in bed

ms.sexay overnighted in my house.
although her new house is just like 3-5 minutes walk away from mine. hahahahaha mom was practically laughing.

"so near also overnight?!"

truth is she was too tired to her bones from shifting and she screwed her bed frame wrongly plus she could not find the screwdriver Allen key to unscrew the nuts,bolts and screws. hahaahah

so sleeping with me it is: D

i like it. i just realized. i like sharing/sleeping with someone.

maybe i'm crazy but it's seriously shu fook :D

i miss my 'mapou' sessions during college .le'sigh.


  1. laughs!
    yea!!! :D:D
    and night talks! and morning yawns! :D
    me likeys!