Wednesday, February 11, 2009

what's yours is mine

i hate bittergourd.

but i ate them today.

i seriously hate it.

but in the end, i ate.

if anyone were to ask me, "what's your favourite food?"

i can with my nose stuck way high up reply, " i eat anything but bittergourd." (don't la ask me pig's intestines and all, i also won't eat-_- i mean in general food ok)

it's not like i did not try. i did. and everytime i eat, i cringe. it's like.....killing me softly with it's bitternessssss....ending my life with it's bitternesssss....

funny part is all my friends eat.

they eat.

ms.snoopyms.chicken had the most 'nicest' feedback.

"i loveeee bittergourd! esp ones that are not bitter!"

...HUH?! haaahhahaahahahahah then what's the point of eating?! wathecheesecake

so i have decided, i shall learn to love it since everyone i love, loves it. ARGH*

and that's why i ate it.

and cause mom's a genius. there is only slight bitterness and i survived the whole bowl of bittergout pork soup!! :D:D

someone please award me wei.

it's funny how sometimes just cause someone dear to you likes that particular something, you indirectly suddenly gave it a lil bit of light although you used to hate that particular lil thing with a vengeance.

no. i still hate wasabi.


no. please don't. i don't wanna go through another fear eat factor T_T


  1. i hate bittergourd too! perng hates bittergourd too! dun worry u have gang!

  2. estee!!! come we makan wasabi! =P

  3. piggy : oh thnk God hahahahah : D but my friends are conning me to try bittergourd with hamtan or black dace

    wai : Waraoeh. u also wanna cari pasal now larh is it

  4. yucks <_< dodge! avoid! haha
    at all consequences! please do not abandon the anti bittergourd club!