Sunday, February 8, 2009

when girls get together

lesson no.1

do not ever forward friend's sms without proper editing cause even after thousand years of friendship, it will still cause mis-communication and almost made the 3 of us not have our meet up. i almost fainted. hahahah the last time we met was the beginning of last year and since Oct we have been rescheduling -_-

no way i'm gonna let this go! *roar*

i DID roar. i made both of them come Wahahahahaha i din't know i have that much power (or evil-ness in me)

but i'm thankful for today and i'm sure none of us regretted :P

unfortunately i also had to wait for 2 hours before they actually came-_-'' sigh. i thank God for MPH and that's how i ended up wanting to watch this!. i read the book it is based on. i saved rm40 and gonna waste rm10 on the movie. *laughs* i was laughing when i was reading. i must have scared 1/2 kids who were sitting near me-_- wrong section to sit at. some more halfway reading got some science demonstration. overgrown kid listening pulak-_-

after one round of eating at sushi zanmai. seriously we finished 18 pieces of sushi in split seconds hahaha soon we itchy backside people decided to switch to another place to satisfy our sweet tooth and a place cozier for gossiping laughs*

welcome 'new york new york deli' (click on pic for the link)
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it's located at the new wing 1-Utama, right in front of Cold Storage if i'm not wrong. the menu looked so good, i was tempted to steal one home-_- ms.snoopy's bag was big enough to fit lor! sigh..i wished i did. Buh-leah.

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ms.snoopy came with HEELS and MAKE-UP. 2 of the many things she said that she won't use the last time we met up. see what happened. hahahahahhaha :D shows how long we really din't meet and how ppl do change for the better :D

yesyes. i won't tease you anymore bout that guy whom you are meeting up for a breakfast session out of the blue...*cough* alone *cough* hahahahahahah

they have soooo much stuffs on the menu. all fun and nice, making us feel...lost and lagi lost when the waitress who were waiting on us is new or something. laughs* and i saw something!!!


i there and then, knew this is the restaurant ms.E cup was raving bout when she was in S'pore. she claimed the fried mars bar sent her to heaven on the spot. ms. sexay just have to say this, 'yea, and a few hours extra in working it out in hell.'

-_-'' wathesoup.

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settled for ...fries. cause ms.chicken has a salty tongue which she needs to satisfy-_-
with cheese and cream, to me just tasted so-so jer. either cause i prefer KFC's wedges or my salty stomach don't wanna input anymore salty stuffs laughs*

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Mudddd pieeeee. which seriously struck me odd. hahahah :D cause mud pie are usually brownies, but this was a muffin...or a muffin pie..kinda thing. hahahah we were like "woah so black"...then once we ate "ehhh..muffin.." hahhahaha still, girls being girls we just sapu-ed the whole thing in minutes. i almost licked the plate as usual. nothing special if you asked me.

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ms.chicken always must have her doasge of hot chocolatey/coffee drink everywhere she goes-_- and when the cup came, she said "omg the marshmallows look like ...tits" thank God for ms.snoopy who said, "you mean seashells..." it was sweet according to her. i don't know what's her lvl of sweetness but she preferred Coffee Bean's chocolate drink. more chocolate, less sugar :D

there you go, an irresponsible review of the place. definitely will be back to try the main courses cause one burger caught our attention! bigger then our boobs wei! -_-!!! so the degrading for us. aihs.

we must go shopping one day!!! we always talk, i think we overdosage on our keponess already. esp the weddings updates hahahah shocked us all like crap :D:D and yea, ngekngek* ms.chicken congrats on your other half. my lips are as good as sealed until its publicizedlarh har hahahhahahaha

i pray for your happiness, xinfu-ness and everything hao-ness :) cause you deserve every bit of happiness there is.

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