Sunday, March 29, 2009

cloud 9 feels like this

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Saturday, March 28, 2009

drink.drank. not yet drunk.

celebrated ah wai's birthday 2nd round at Laundry Bar.

codypop and me each first had long island tea.

after that glass, we called 2 more ....don't know what crap. i swear although there were 2 straws. 70% i drank-_-

and you know that you are gonna hit the table if you drink some more when the next table approaches you to ask

"miss, can you help us take a photo?"

and i reply

"er, i don't think i'm stable enough to hold your camera. why not him?"

and pointed to wilson.


Thursday, March 26, 2009

the next big number

"so brother bear how? cake or ice-cream for the ol' one? repeat last year's candle in a gallon of baskins?"

"why you so bodo one. ice-cream cake lar"

"oh :"P"

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

slow updates.

have been busy handling stuffs lately cause mom is gonna be away soon so i have to take over her place -_- i seriously don't know how am i gonna handle it but family business means family so... *laughs*

have so much to update T_T bear with me ~

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

in people's eyes

codypop came to find me talktalk. so talk we did at the park in front of my house. walktalk-_- lose calories kan? no. i was eating mamee while we were at it *laughs* i thought i would never walk the park anymore since mr.croc is not around. mana tau codypop came along-_- right.

the point is, a lady who was jogging stopped to talk to us cause she overheard me talking bout recipes (which i wasn't actually....i was lar...but it wasn't bout was bout homemade masks for pimples -_-'')

anyway, she asked this after a while.

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for everyone's informasi, -_- his hands were clasped at the back where as mine was busy feeding mamee into my mouth.

after a whole 'do we look like it?' talk came the next statement.

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.......nvm larh if both of us look younger then what we really are but with such thinking you thought we are married?! -_-


aih* no matter i type how many miehhhhhsssss it won't do any justice to the actual mieh i'm feeling right now.

hur don't make me bring my lil 4 year old cousin for a walk together the next time. she will be thinking "wah so young got kid edy. shotgun-ed at 16?" -_-

so everyone say hello to my hubby codypop-_- wathecatstail *laughs*

Sunday, March 22, 2009

tim chong chong

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Thursday, March 19, 2009

random days with random happenings

received a miss call and i rushed down to step out of the house just to see my brother's friends downstairs placing chairs and setting the table outside. brushed against my brother and saw this.

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"ehhhh i want!!!!!!!"

he smiled sheepishly and said, "you want leh!:D"

"aiya laterlar, i have to go now!"

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head off to add calories while trying to digest japanese which didn't really work aihs.

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then started to take numerous pictures of this cute card until i have to be dragged away before i rip the card apart and only to find out it was sent by one of the ex-waitress that used to work there and was bullied by us with buaya :P

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drank tea to digest all the calories-_- but i was more fascinated by the height of the glasses hahahahahahahahahah

head back home pretty soon to see the gate wide open with some of my brother's friends on the porch laughing away.


hahahahahahahah they were drinking.

a very tipsy brother came to challenged me one bottoms up to which i replied "you gave me coke! where got alcho?!"

"omg you sei alcoholic! if that's coke, half the world will be floating by now!"

ops* haha

then this greeted me-_-

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guess who had to do the washing-_-

the amazing part was i saw this again
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and then it striked me.

"O M G this is a cocktail shaker/mixer thing is it?!..SHIT i thought it's was bubble tea shaker that's why i said i want!"

"wow kent, your sis was drunk before she even drank anything"


kns people.

and guess what drunk people can do!

no.1 avoid the camera-_- zzzz
no.2 "IS THAT ROCKY?!"

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"yea i bought them for lunch tmr. you want? can take. you want pocky or rocky?"

"of course rocky!!!"

-_- to which pocky replied me on MSN when i told him the incident

"see i told you rocky more famous then pocky. yoularh, my name rocky also let you make until not famous, become pocky"

-_________________________- AIH* why Lord why.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

i'm gonna miss my bra

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they say all good things must sometimes come to an end. if the old don't go. how would the new come? but then again, i'm a sentimental old fart. once i cling, i cling. i don't know is it supposed to be a good thing or bad thing but one thing's for sure, this has given me quite a number of heartaches that argh* for a person with STML (short term memory loss) some things are stuck to your mind like super glue whether you like it a not.


seriously i never learn sometimes.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

throws the square hat :D

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this is why our friendship can last so long larh.

its the cert! wathejawsattack. made and drawn with love on MSN some more. requires skills one okay. during work. don't playplay.

it's the lameness hahahaha sometimes i damn lazy to layan ben but it's hard not to layan him *sigh*

furthermore, it is 9 years of friendship and counting. hahah apparently i will get a whole new cert later. the cert above is like diploma level. later got degree, masters etc. wathefishandchips.

the friend's closest boyfriend as friend. you know you are close when you have certs, crack nipple jokes, boast bout each other's sex education level (which shame to say i'm lacking haha-_- wathecatstail) , used to fight over eminem's CD (until he had to buy a new one from Aus cause we over listened to it, spoilt! laughs*) and exposing each other's embarassing each other.


*sigh* ben.

can't wait to play with your kids.

come to auntie estee *laughs* i teach you what's ice-cream, chocolate, cakes, biscuits, happy meal and air kisses :D

tadaima :D

and here's a vain pic of myself during the trip.

(hmm..need to cut my fringe already)

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this is what happens when you are *kinda* the only person who loves the camera. *sigh*
and having a break!? *pifts*



obviously updates later. then again i might get lazy and just scrape the whole updating thing and just plonk a whole bunch of photos hahahahah :D

oh but cause i'm feeling happyhappy, sneak peek of one of my fav photos that i took during the trip.
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say it's romantic!! say it say it!!! :D

admit it!!

i bet quite a handful of girls will agree to this and prolly wanna do the same thing as well *laughs*

and yea, you can somewhat guessed where i went by now :D

Sunday, March 15, 2009

the holiday :D

promise will have updates
meanwhile feast of the best (apparently the bestest best) portugese egg tart in Macau

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i have some in my fridge still *laughs*

Friday, March 13, 2009

the break

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Air Asia so smart wei. print your own boarding pass de O_o

Thursday, March 12, 2009

almost 24/7

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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

work is never ending

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ms.sexay was coming down with a bad flu and needed some help with ideas for a client. sometimes i really don't know why she asks me of all people. haha she planned to have the sketch out but in the end, we only had thumbs. her initial 15 min nap became an hour (cause i had no heart to wake her up, looking so sick and tired) and i was at the comp trying my best to come out with ideas till i called ms.boob queen to help me cause i was freaking stuck at one point.

in the end, talking session.


sorry ms.sexay.

zhen de dui bu qi.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

we have 7 pounds...and the 7 balls.

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this is why i slack today:P


looking fwd to dragonball tonight!!!~

review on Dragonball movie HERE*CLICK*

and i seriously thank God for the right company *laughs*

Monday, March 9, 2009

my girls

*sneak peek of the day with my siao cha bors*
sigh. my ass la when ppl say pictures photos speak a thousand words. i still feel like nothing has been spoken. wathesoup.
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yes i know:D no choicelor. no real life polaroid cam.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

i feel like i am on cloud 9

funny how contagious love is.

been really busy EATING.

like everyday. the only thing that gives a full non guilt license for eating would be pregnancy....*laughs* if pregnant that time eat how much also no one will say anything and your guilt level will be damn low. can't guarantee how suffering it would be to lose the pounds after delivering the baby though. laughs*

oh. oh. must show you the longkang series. only when ms.boob queen not around we can compare, if not....sigh* lose kaokaolar. her longkang is like a never ending line....-_-

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ice-creeeeaaaaammmm. Haagen some more. 8 small scoops definitely not enough for us lor-_- but that's how much my puny wallet can sustain. hahaha gomenne. and ms.sexay was complaining this set so colourless wan compared to others....see what designers do. comment on ice-cream colours. doesn't matter if they come rm10 per scoop. they must be colouful hahahha

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ms.sexay de longkang :D ngekngek* she better not see this up here. all of you can come for my funeral then.

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ms.alcho rockstarr punya ....but i bet half of you looking at her giler expression more. see, ice-cream memang makes her happy and she doesn't lie :P

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and the bulat that has no show-_- and walao. din't realize how naked my eye looks without mascara-_- *must not succumb to mascara* once try, tak boleh u-turn lagi.

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welcome tasty pot :D supposed to go makan rm20 per KG crab T_T but we succumbed to steamboat pulak. Yuen is always jam packed despite the 3 levels of floors. i don't understand. why?! why like that?! earn damn a lot wei maciam tu! don't tell me it's because of the lengjai son! Bleah!! ridiculous. so i now present you tasty pot! equally good even without the lengjai son *pifts*

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rm23.80 (i think) for steamboat + BBQ. okay ma :D got chef cook BBQ for you leh. the squids smelt good. but cause we din't know it was included we din't eat-_- wathefishsauce. the "leong cha" was rm2.50 though. save your money and just call "shuit cha" betterlar.

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Good steamboat is judged by the soup (they had soya bean soup...hahah dint try but the "ching tong" was good :D can't say the same for tom yum cause in the end we put the ching tong into the tom yum section)

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and chilli :D roxxxxxor. chilli burn fats you know a not?

Image Hosted by
you think only yuen got chicken wing?! -_- my mom also can do better *bleah* this one rocks too cause its crispier :D im serious. best part is no one FIGHTS for it. sometimes malaysians can be so hooligan-ish .... and i have no choice to be one also if i want to eat least here don't have to be like that sigh*

oh. look at what ms.alcho rockstarr took for me to eat.
and MADE me eat.

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everyone's a starr HAHA :D lame.

Image Hosted by
don't playplay. we can really sapu.

i guess the highlight of the day was "i tell you, all of our boyfriends must love steamboat lor if not i don't know how" coming from ms.sexay.


i found it hilarious. what kind of requirement is that? *Sweat*

Saturday, March 7, 2009

wai kung's day out

updates later.

for now lemme present you this :D

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i love it when my wai kung comes down cause it means we get to eat anything. hahahahha anything he wants and anything he wants means anything we want :D cause we recommend. ngekngek* i recalled last cny my brother said thank you to him cause of his presence we ate lobster and snow crabs! sooooo exp sial. really once a year lor. my wai kung was just laughing cause he said "wow i don't even fork out a single penny, got ppl peel crab for me and yet i'm thanked for."

:D silly wai kung

so it's back, food marathon laughs* but my brother wasn't in.....-_- i need himlar. we were just eating and eating. full meals. 3 meals a day with slot in breaks some more. i almost burst cause without my brother means i had to finish whatever was on the table. if not waste kan? and i don't know sometimes what's with moms and their impulsive ordering-_- sigh.

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the most heartbreaking kns thing to hear is "wah estee, i din't know you can eat this much!"


i cant!!!! my jeans wanna burst edy lar........cause my MPPJ not in and cause you surprisingly not big eater! sweat only big eater when it comes to seafood Laughs*

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and he has this puppy look hahahahahahahaha funnynyer :D or fish pout lips hahahahah ops*

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guys can be a pain in choosing shoes too-_- sigh the things i have to say to convince him to just get a pair of new shoes cause he will need it when traveling next month. what if you hurt your feet? isn't it worse? *throws his semi-spoiled slippers*

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wai kung learnt that i can do work despite all the noise hahaha :D silently do some more. he was like " okay?"
takes pictures of everything that i can't afford or not willing to pay for, like this rm20+ windmill above. sigh. too exp but i like windmills T_T

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i learnt that sweet tooth memang runs in the family.
that i can be defensive sigh* must be more accepting.
and i'm willing to peel crabs and prawns for the people i love too hahahahah i can't believe i did that-_- the whole plate

call me ms.champion peeler!!! roaroar!!

so what do you think?

funny how sometimes to advise another it just takes this amount of effort.


but to actually carry out the same advise onto your self. the amount of effort is like




Friday, March 6, 2009

adding another number.

a year flies by. yet again.

but somehow no matter what, some things will never change. esp our nicknames hor. ms. audrey chicken. haha :D

we hardly meet up due to my laziness and your busy-ness but somehow every time when we DO meet up, it's as if we just met yesterday. as if at one flip, we manage to get to the page right where we left off and just continue from there. haha it's scary and amazing at the same time really.

from innocent talks, somehow now well...they are still innocent. life is always innocent cause we learn day by day but of course if we were to look back, hahah how much all of us has changed in some ways. how much more we have gone through in some ways. but i am thankful that despite anything and everything that came by, we are always there for one another.

funny how friendship works.
funny how we lasted. how far we have come.
funny how i love you more each day and i know it's here to stay :)
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happy 24th ms.chicken.
may you stay young and pretty and that angels will look after you each day, showering you with happiness and strength *muarks*

okaylarh. that's the only recent photo i have of her since we don't camwhore-_- and ironically that's my birthday photo sigh*

and i tell you it's either cause of our double digit friendship that we can talk kns-ly to each of our moms or we memang kns to begin just the other day when she came.

"so aunt, what you think? he looks okay ar?"
*shows some guy picture on her handphone
"wah i need my bad what.."
"he don't look playboy?"
"...hmm..maybe it's cause of his hair..."
"...aunt...HE HAS NO HAIR !!"
"yalo, that's what i meant, maybe cause he has NO"



*a bodo update-clicks*

Thursday, March 5, 2009

it's a McD life

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brother requested ice-cream so i just went to buy without much thoughts. though so, after i came home...someone else had way too many thoughts.

"what kind of sister are you? you know he's on a diet. how do you intend to help your brother to lose weight if you keep buying ice cream for him?"
"but he said he wanted ma...then i also never think so much. just go buy? suin pin buy for us also what."
"still! you should really think bout it. look at him! you are suppose to help him not make the whole situation worse. don't you love your brother?"

next thing i knew, i was swallowing half his McFlurry while he Dota'ed. yes. i am helping him BY EATING HIS and MINE-_-

Good grief.

next thing i knew, at 7pm. my dear codypops called and...
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yea :P how to reject a sundae when he initiated already?

seriously if you are not an ice-cream fan, either you keep your mouth shut or try joining me :D hahahaha

who knows right?

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

why hello lil' one.

something flew and landed on my speaker-_-

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it was a ...katchat (or whatever this insect is called)

my itunes was running full blast with my tone deaf singing ...then automatically, i went to adjust my speaker volume lower-_-

as if worried i would make the insect go deaf....-_-

but then when my fav song (for now it's Lucky by Jason Mraz) came on, have no mercy and raised the volume again :D

hahahah sorry insect. din't mean it but since you did not fly away, i assume you liked the song too.



Monday, March 2, 2009

you found me at hello.

i felt this fling through the air and then, *Thud*. though i was wrapped in a soft grey hooded jacket, the impact hitting the floor was pretty bad. felt this throbbing pain on my upper left side *ouch* seriously wathefishcake.

was lying there for quite long. i master must have dropped me whilst he was rushing off. sigh. how long i have been lying there.....couldn't really tell with my jacket covering me. sometimes i hear roaring sounds and then feel these dark shadows looming over me....can't really tell what is it but heck, whatever it was i survived it a few times. can't be all that bad right?

not long after, i started singing. i sang non stop. i started to get really tired. i mean you try humming the same song non-stop for what feels like..forever! garh* so sleepy too...must be midnight soon from the feels of it.

soon i heard a voice. faint at first but it gradually got louder.

"seriously i heard some music leh! you come out and see"
"mom-_- i'm waiting for american idol. why you like this one? and it's almost 12.30am, for goodnessake, why are you still watering plants? you sure you tak sesat?"
" come...gotlarh!...see there it is again."

hahahha sorry ma'am. hard to stop singing when i am programmed to.

"argh, okay if takde. i go back in and no more bout noises and stuffs"

next thing i knew, i was lifted off the ground.

"this one is it?"

oh! a girl voice. not...familiar lorh...

she lifted my hood and i saw....darkness. omg. its' this late already?

"omg. it's ringing for the 13235th time. pick up and see."

she pushed my green button. *chuckles* and then proceeded to talk through me.

"hello? hie. i found your're the owner right? it has been ringing like forever"
"hello? yesyes.*huff* i lost my phone.*puff* can i come and *pant* pick it up now?"

Oh! it's master's voice. grins* he must be missing me to bits and pieces.

".....its 12am. you can come back tmr. it's safer. "
"no, i *puff* need the phone *gasp* i am catching a plane *huff* tmr morning"
".....alright....where are you?"
"...cheras. *pant* where is your location?"
"...B.U? hahaha it's kinda far isn't it?"
"*huff* oh. i dropped *puff* at my brother's area. i will come *puff* in 15 min tops!"

next thing i knew, another lady scolded the girl who was talking for being reckless and not verifying whether a not the person she's speaking to is the owner a not. but allowing him to come pick the phone up already. so the girl shrugged and said,'

"erm. can you just like tell me something bout your phone-_- need to testify wei"
"okay *by now voice calm already* i have a guitar looking pick at the handphone strap....and i have a girl picture as my wallpaper"

she proceeded to look at was an... awkward feeling alright. hahaha

" know, your screen is just dark. i can't see it. anyway to on it?"
"just press the side button"

she started to push my side buttons. after few millionth attempt while the line (money) is running and from ticlklish now it just feels plain sore...sigh*

"you know what. you sound nice so i trust you. i can't get the screen on, please come haha"
"alright! thank you so much"

she pressed the red button and started fiddling with me. seriously either she has never seen a phone before or she just itchy hands-_- i guess she was hoping to get the screen on cause probably she wants to see who or how the girl on his wallpaper looks like. haha kepo-nyer :D

nxt thing i knew, there was a flash hahahahaahahaahhaahha and the other lady who was scolding her before which i assumed was her mom was right in front of it. in other words, target of my camera :D hahahahahahhahahahahah so her mom's picture is now in memory. that girl got a heck lot of scolding. well....i would love to help her delete the pic but i can't and she can't delete it either cause in the end i could not get my screen to light up.

must be that impactful hit from before. the pain is still there, that's for sure.

suddenly, i sang (again for the 13236th time..i'm gonna get a sore throat if this continues.). she quickly picked it up and went

"hello! you outside already?"
"hello? you can find my house?"


GIRL'S VOICE WEI. OMG. hahahahaha :D drama!

"...hello...erm...hie!! youre this phone's owner's girlfriend?"
".....yes...and you are...?"
" your boyfriend lost his phone actually. i found it and now hes coming over to pick it up!"
"really! don't worry! i am not lying:D i will tell him that you called once he comes over! your boyfriend is not stepping on 2 boats! i'm serious :D don't worry k?! see you later!"

hahahahahah I felt so sorry to my master's girlfriend. must have shocked her a whole lot. but worrieslar. i'm here to testify that he was a good :D

anyway he came soon after and omg, suddenly i realized how much i missed him although it has only been few hours and ....right, he's same height as the girl!! :D so cute!! hahah felt funny.

they awkwardly exchanged thank yous, no probs and she proceeded to tell him bout ter-snapping her mom's photo *laughs* and that my master's girlfriend calling prolly caused a small confusion*laughs again* and yay! at least i'm home, back to where i belong. since i have heard cases where we will get raped and passed on to diff masters. i find myself extremely blessed.

the girl started to ask a noob question.

"how come there is no light no matter what i do?"

my master rebooted me and he looked at me with utmost pity, there was a crack that look like some spiderweb shape on the side i was having pain since like forever. least the crack was very pretty :D

felt like those temp. tattoo.

all's well end's well :D glad to be home. till next time.

er..what am i talking-_- no more next time. master please be careful. sigh.

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the girl couldn't resist my look :D haha

Sunday, March 1, 2009

movies...huh again?!

my buttocks and chairs apparently have a lot of fate-_-

it has been a long time since i watched 2 movies in one day.

Image Hosted by

truth to be told, i wasn't expecting anything out of this movie even though it was by Jack Neo. i wanted something more serious for some reason. but since my mom was dying to watch it and she some more bought tickets without even informing the rest of the family-_- so....haha how to run away?

but surprisingly the moral of the story was good. at least to me larh, the story focused on 3 kinds of love.
marriage. where after some time, love that was once so hot and steaming is now lukewarm. no longer were the days where as long as there's love.. i mean it's still that quote just that love also comes with responsibility, trust, faith, sensitivity and these whole bunch of other simple but heavy words where you have to keep and be aware of. then slowly you start to wonder where has the love gone sometimes. haha the wife just wants a husband that is there for her in times of need, like sometimes a helping hand at house chores, just a simple gestures or just small tokens of appreciation. husbands just want sex and TV hahahaha but in the end of the day, there must be love beneath all these "blahness" if not there wouldn't be a beginning to begin with in the 1st place.

there was this one part where the husband berfoya-ed so he apologized profusely to his wife and his wife die also don't wanna give him a second chance. seriously logically speaking, usually there's no second chance. if you dare to go out and find another lady, then you should be prepared for the consequences. why bother to go and find later to cry your eyeballs out and say sorry? i don't really see the point. you really pity the husband cause he really meant it but it was so painful for the wife as well where the bond of trust is broken...-_-then you hear some guy clapping in the cinema saying, "wanna divorce then divorcela!" like his own wife just did that to him despite him saying sorry-_- i tell you. i was close to smacking the guy's head. so rude.

the playboy love. hahahahah guys who just want to have fun. have flings. have one night stands. doesn't matter whom they hurt as long they are having the time of their life. of course, must have standards lar the girls. sweet talks is their speciality and never commit to love is their motto. haha in other words, big experienced buayas. according to my mom, "they can't commit cause they have not met the one they truly love." let's just pray all buayas does not continue being one even after marriage then laughs* i will never understand guys who go around breaking girls already fragile hearts. if doing this makes them feel almighty, then their brains need serious re-screwing to do.

teenager love. walao. this is like once upon a time to me-_- when things were like fresh and new. everything is painted pink whether you like it a not. it's like guys just discovered girls for the 1st time after being blind for many years hahaha just to know that your dream girl is your best friend's girlfriend. then from there friendship gets jeopardized as well. drama so drama :D

watching this show somehow puts me in a very odd mood. hahaha it's like i can feel the marriage's problem but i have yet gone through it. right in the middle where guys are buayas and will be for quite some time more and teenage love feels so nostalgic. hahaha but all in all the values were good. i think it was really an eye opener to some people *stares at buaya hahaha* despite all the doubts i had before watching it, it is now cleared and i truly recommend this show : ) just to make us all realize lil things in life.

Oh. i like the theme song :D Oh! and er...acting was a bit off for some parts. Oh! and hahaha there is a funny part where ah long pte. that main guy actor acted as a thai gigolo *damn funny* surprise.surprise. malaysia also cut off this part of the movie above. erm..hmmm can't think of any other reason then racism.


i loveeee changeling. i don't know why. hahaha maybe it's just this independent woman how she fought for justice and her child. it was a lot of conversations and all. ms.alcho rockstarr yawned a few times but hahahahah to me i felt it was better than benjamin buttons. more focused and direct. the fact that it was based on a true story made it all "omg....that actually happened", plus my butt wasn't that sore *laughs* too bad changeling is coming down this wednesday. worth a watch if you like slightly more conversational, serious type of shows. don't say i din't warn you :D

the day ended with my 2 sakais and their shopping at Pull & Bear, endless talks bout the other half..or more like ms.alcho rockstarr's other half and ice-cream...sigh' din't makan our Haagen wthe.

ms.sexay whom was enjoying her ice-cream cum deflated condom look-alike. seriously it looked like sucking milk out of boobs and then when it was all gone, it looked like a deflated condom for babies or something-_- i know it sounds horribly wrong, but it was how it looked like and trust me when ms.sexay says it's good means its worth to eat. hahahaha cannot imagine guys eating. *Sweats*

no need to explain larh why we are all sakais :D

sigh. i feel everyone has to stoop down everytime take photo with me T_T i must learn how to wear heels. period.