Tuesday, March 24, 2009

in people's eyes

codypop came to find me talktalk. so talk we did at the park in front of my house. walktalk-_- lose calories kan? no. i was eating mamee while we were at it *laughs* i thought i would never walk the park anymore since mr.croc is not around. mana tau codypop came along-_- right.

the point is, a lady who was jogging stopped to talk to us cause she overheard me talking bout recipes (which i wasn't actually....i was lar...but it wasn't bout cooking..it was bout homemade masks for pimples -_-'')

anyway, she asked this after a while.

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for everyone's informasi, -_- his hands were clasped at the back where as mine was busy feeding mamee into my mouth.

after a whole 'do we look like it?' talk came the next statement.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
.......nvm larh if both of us look younger then what we really are but with such thinking you thought we are married?! -_-


aih* no matter i type how many miehhhhhsssss it won't do any justice to the actual mieh i'm feeling right now.

hur don't make me bring my lil 4 year old cousin for a walk together the next time. she will be thinking "wah so young got kid edy. shotgun-ed at 16?" -_-

so everyone say hello to my hubby codypop-_- wathecatstail *laughs*


  1. Why don't that happen when I walk the park with u? LOL

    We walked to park for more than 10 times and spent more time in the park than some of the park visitor ..


    NO such experience!
    NO strangers approaching us too!!!

    *Amazed Away*