Sunday, March 1, 2009

movies...huh again?!

my buttocks and chairs apparently have a lot of fate-_-

it has been a long time since i watched 2 movies in one day.

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truth to be told, i wasn't expecting anything out of this movie even though it was by Jack Neo. i wanted something more serious for some reason. but since my mom was dying to watch it and she some more bought tickets without even informing the rest of the family-_- so....haha how to run away?

but surprisingly the moral of the story was good. at least to me larh, the story focused on 3 kinds of love.
marriage. where after some time, love that was once so hot and steaming is now lukewarm. no longer were the days where as long as there's love.. i mean it's still that quote just that love also comes with responsibility, trust, faith, sensitivity and these whole bunch of other simple but heavy words where you have to keep and be aware of. then slowly you start to wonder where has the love gone sometimes. haha the wife just wants a husband that is there for her in times of need, like sometimes a helping hand at house chores, just a simple gestures or just small tokens of appreciation. husbands just want sex and TV hahahaha but in the end of the day, there must be love beneath all these "blahness" if not there wouldn't be a beginning to begin with in the 1st place.

there was this one part where the husband berfoya-ed so he apologized profusely to his wife and his wife die also don't wanna give him a second chance. seriously logically speaking, usually there's no second chance. if you dare to go out and find another lady, then you should be prepared for the consequences. why bother to go and find later to cry your eyeballs out and say sorry? i don't really see the point. you really pity the husband cause he really meant it but it was so painful for the wife as well where the bond of trust is broken...-_-then you hear some guy clapping in the cinema saying, "wanna divorce then divorcela!" like his own wife just did that to him despite him saying sorry-_- i tell you. i was close to smacking the guy's head. so rude.

the playboy love. hahahahah guys who just want to have fun. have flings. have one night stands. doesn't matter whom they hurt as long they are having the time of their life. of course, must have standards lar the girls. sweet talks is their speciality and never commit to love is their motto. haha in other words, big experienced buayas. according to my mom, "they can't commit cause they have not met the one they truly love." let's just pray all buayas does not continue being one even after marriage then laughs* i will never understand guys who go around breaking girls already fragile hearts. if doing this makes them feel almighty, then their brains need serious re-screwing to do.

teenager love. walao. this is like once upon a time to me-_- when things were like fresh and new. everything is painted pink whether you like it a not. it's like guys just discovered girls for the 1st time after being blind for many years hahaha just to know that your dream girl is your best friend's girlfriend. then from there friendship gets jeopardized as well. drama so drama :D

watching this show somehow puts me in a very odd mood. hahaha it's like i can feel the marriage's problem but i have yet gone through it. right in the middle where guys are buayas and will be for quite some time more and teenage love feels so nostalgic. hahaha but all in all the values were good. i think it was really an eye opener to some people *stares at buaya hahaha* despite all the doubts i had before watching it, it is now cleared and i truly recommend this show : ) just to make us all realize lil things in life.

Oh. i like the theme song :D Oh! and er...acting was a bit off for some parts. Oh! and hahaha there is a funny part where ah long pte. that main guy actor acted as a thai gigolo *damn funny* surprise.surprise. malaysia also cut off this part of the movie above. erm..hmmm can't think of any other reason then racism.


i loveeee changeling. i don't know why. hahaha maybe it's just this independent woman how she fought for justice and her child. it was a lot of conversations and all. ms.alcho rockstarr yawned a few times but hahahahah to me i felt it was better than benjamin buttons. more focused and direct. the fact that it was based on a true story made it all "omg....that actually happened", plus my butt wasn't that sore *laughs* too bad changeling is coming down this wednesday. worth a watch if you like slightly more conversational, serious type of shows. don't say i din't warn you :D

the day ended with my 2 sakais and their shopping at Pull & Bear, endless talks bout the other half..or more like ms.alcho rockstarr's other half and ice-cream...sigh' din't makan our Haagen wthe.

ms.sexay whom was enjoying her ice-cream cum deflated condom look-alike. seriously it looked like sucking milk out of boobs and then when it was all gone, it looked like a deflated condom for babies or something-_- i know it sounds horribly wrong, but it was how it looked like and trust me when ms.sexay says it's good means its worth to eat. hahahaha cannot imagine guys eating. *Sweats*

no need to explain larh why we are all sakais :D

sigh. i feel everyone has to stoop down everytime take photo with me T_T i must learn how to wear heels. period.

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