Tuesday, March 17, 2009

throws the square hat :D

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this is why our friendship can last so long larh.

its the cert! wathejawsattack. made and drawn with love on MSN some more. requires skills one okay. during work. don't playplay.

it's the lameness hahahaha sometimes i damn lazy to layan ben but it's hard not to layan him *sigh*

furthermore, it is 9 years of friendship and counting. hahah apparently i will get a whole new cert later. the cert above is like diploma level. later got degree, masters etc. wathefishandchips.

the friend's closest boyfriend as friend. you know you are close when you have certs, crack nipple jokes, boast bout each other's sex education level (which shame to say i'm lacking haha-_- wathecatstail) , used to fight over eminem's CD (until he had to buy a new one from Aus cause we over listened to it, spoilt! laughs*) and exposing each other's embarassing secrets....to each other.


*sigh* ben.

can't wait to play with your kids.

come to auntie estee *laughs* i teach you what's ice-cream, chocolate, cakes, biscuits, happy meal and air kisses :D

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