Saturday, March 7, 2009

wai kung's day out

updates later.

for now lemme present you this :D

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i love it when my wai kung comes down cause it means we get to eat anything. hahahahha anything he wants and anything he wants means anything we want :D cause we recommend. ngekngek* i recalled last cny my brother said thank you to him cause of his presence we ate lobster and snow crabs! sooooo exp sial. really once a year lor. my wai kung was just laughing cause he said "wow i don't even fork out a single penny, got ppl peel crab for me and yet i'm thanked for."

:D silly wai kung

so it's back, food marathon laughs* but my brother wasn't in.....-_- i need himlar. we were just eating and eating. full meals. 3 meals a day with slot in breaks some more. i almost burst cause without my brother means i had to finish whatever was on the table. if not waste kan? and i don't know sometimes what's with moms and their impulsive ordering-_- sigh.

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the most heartbreaking kns thing to hear is "wah estee, i din't know you can eat this much!"


i cant!!!! my jeans wanna burst edy lar........cause my MPPJ not in and cause you surprisingly not big eater! sweat only big eater when it comes to seafood Laughs*

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and he has this puppy look hahahahahahahaha funnynyer :D or fish pout lips hahahahah ops*

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guys can be a pain in choosing shoes too-_- sigh the things i have to say to convince him to just get a pair of new shoes cause he will need it when traveling next month. what if you hurt your feet? isn't it worse? *throws his semi-spoiled slippers*

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wai kung learnt that i can do work despite all the noise hahaha :D silently do some more. he was like " okay?"
takes pictures of everything that i can't afford or not willing to pay for, like this rm20+ windmill above. sigh. too exp but i like windmills T_T

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i learnt that sweet tooth memang runs in the family.
that i can be defensive sigh* must be more accepting.
and i'm willing to peel crabs and prawns for the people i love too hahahahah i can't believe i did that-_- the whole plate

call me ms.champion peeler!!! roaroar!!

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