Monday, March 2, 2009

you found me at hello.

i felt this fling through the air and then, *Thud*. though i was wrapped in a soft grey hooded jacket, the impact hitting the floor was pretty bad. felt this throbbing pain on my upper left side *ouch* seriously wathefishcake.

was lying there for quite long. i master must have dropped me whilst he was rushing off. sigh. how long i have been lying there.....couldn't really tell with my jacket covering me. sometimes i hear roaring sounds and then feel these dark shadows looming over me....can't really tell what is it but heck, whatever it was i survived it a few times. can't be all that bad right?

not long after, i started singing. i sang non stop. i started to get really tired. i mean you try humming the same song non-stop for what feels like..forever! garh* so sleepy too...must be midnight soon from the feels of it.

soon i heard a voice. faint at first but it gradually got louder.

"seriously i heard some music leh! you come out and see"
"mom-_- i'm waiting for american idol. why you like this one? and it's almost 12.30am, for goodnessake, why are you still watering plants? you sure you tak sesat?"
" come...gotlarh!...see there it is again."

hahahha sorry ma'am. hard to stop singing when i am programmed to.

"argh, okay if takde. i go back in and no more bout noises and stuffs"

next thing i knew, i was lifted off the ground.

"this one is it?"

oh! a girl voice. not...familiar lorh...

she lifted my hood and i saw....darkness. omg. its' this late already?

"omg. it's ringing for the 13235th time. pick up and see."

she pushed my green button. *chuckles* and then proceeded to talk through me.

"hello? hie. i found your're the owner right? it has been ringing like forever"
"hello? yesyes.*huff* i lost my phone.*puff* can i come and *pant* pick it up now?"

Oh! it's master's voice. grins* he must be missing me to bits and pieces.

".....its 12am. you can come back tmr. it's safer. "
"no, i *puff* need the phone *gasp* i am catching a plane *huff* tmr morning"
".....alright....where are you?"
"...cheras. *pant* where is your location?"
"...B.U? hahaha it's kinda far isn't it?"
"*huff* oh. i dropped *puff* at my brother's area. i will come *puff* in 15 min tops!"

next thing i knew, another lady scolded the girl who was talking for being reckless and not verifying whether a not the person she's speaking to is the owner a not. but allowing him to come pick the phone up already. so the girl shrugged and said,'

"erm. can you just like tell me something bout your phone-_- need to testify wei"
"okay *by now voice calm already* i have a guitar looking pick at the handphone strap....and i have a girl picture as my wallpaper"

she proceeded to look at was an... awkward feeling alright. hahaha

" know, your screen is just dark. i can't see it. anyway to on it?"
"just press the side button"

she started to push my side buttons. after few millionth attempt while the line (money) is running and from ticlklish now it just feels plain sore...sigh*

"you know what. you sound nice so i trust you. i can't get the screen on, please come haha"
"alright! thank you so much"

she pressed the red button and started fiddling with me. seriously either she has never seen a phone before or she just itchy hands-_- i guess she was hoping to get the screen on cause probably she wants to see who or how the girl on his wallpaper looks like. haha kepo-nyer :D

nxt thing i knew, there was a flash hahahahaahahaahhaahha and the other lady who was scolding her before which i assumed was her mom was right in front of it. in other words, target of my camera :D hahahahahahhahahahahah so her mom's picture is now in memory. that girl got a heck lot of scolding. well....i would love to help her delete the pic but i can't and she can't delete it either cause in the end i could not get my screen to light up.

must be that impactful hit from before. the pain is still there, that's for sure.

suddenly, i sang (again for the 13236th time..i'm gonna get a sore throat if this continues.). she quickly picked it up and went

"hello! you outside already?"
"hello? you can find my house?"


GIRL'S VOICE WEI. OMG. hahahahaha :D drama!

"...hello...erm...hie!! youre this phone's owner's girlfriend?"
".....yes...and you are...?"
" your boyfriend lost his phone actually. i found it and now hes coming over to pick it up!"
"really! don't worry! i am not lying:D i will tell him that you called once he comes over! your boyfriend is not stepping on 2 boats! i'm serious :D don't worry k?! see you later!"

hahahahahah I felt so sorry to my master's girlfriend. must have shocked her a whole lot. but worrieslar. i'm here to testify that he was a good :D

anyway he came soon after and omg, suddenly i realized how much i missed him although it has only been few hours and ....right, he's same height as the girl!! :D so cute!! hahah felt funny.

they awkwardly exchanged thank yous, no probs and she proceeded to tell him bout ter-snapping her mom's photo *laughs* and that my master's girlfriend calling prolly caused a small confusion*laughs again* and yay! at least i'm home, back to where i belong. since i have heard cases where we will get raped and passed on to diff masters. i find myself extremely blessed.

the girl started to ask a noob question.

"how come there is no light no matter what i do?"

my master rebooted me and he looked at me with utmost pity, there was a crack that look like some spiderweb shape on the side i was having pain since like forever. least the crack was very pretty :D

felt like those temp. tattoo.

all's well end's well :D glad to be home. till next time.

er..what am i talking-_- no more next time. master please be careful. sigh.

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the girl couldn't resist my look :D haha

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