Friday, May 22, 2009

admit for nuts. peanuts.

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ms.sexay gave me 2 pieces of the above for my mom.
"for your mom ar, bulat! no eat!"

so imagine when my mom open the fridge today to find them missing.

"who took the chocs?!"
"i din't. sexay specifically said its for you and i kept my words soo..."
"but they are no longer here. i ate one. where's the other?"

*rummaging the fridge like some mad woman*

"i dont know!", i said defensively cause i can feel everyone's eyes burning through me. "i din't take!"
"kent got take?", mom moving on to her next target (or victim haha)
"nola, i don't even know got chocolate okay?"

in the midst of all these chaos, dad kept quiet. then mom asked, "old man, did you take!?"

without any pause my papa said, "ya!"

all of us were like,"so thats the culprit...."

"you atela my choc with wine!", almighty mom showing her "beh tong" look.

"wad choc?", suddenly papa replied

the rest of the family gave the "-______________-?"

" just said u took my choc!"

"no...hahaha no sorry i din't."

"whathe...then why did you say u ate?!"

"nono i din't!", suddenly papa got all defensive pulak.

"......**** then where's the choc?", mom got too lazy to argue with papa's blur mode on.

me and babybro can't stop laughing asking ourselves, "then why the heck he said he ate it in the first place?!"

silly ol' dad.

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