Friday, May 29, 2009

guess where i went!?

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hahah: D does the above pic remind you of anything?!
did not manage to catch the english version-_- only caught the chinese one which *ta-dah* i don't know how to read either.

doesn't really matter lar cause all the kanasai cha bors could think of is "OMG. condoms for mikes!!! sing safe! :D"


anyway highlight of the night was.......LADY GAGA's POKER FACE song.


i don't know which is more surprising. the fact that i know how to sing the song despite the fact that i only listened to it prob. twice at the max or the fact that i ACTUALLY enjoyed singing it. ms.boob queen was like, "wtf. how come you can sing this song like you composed it?!"

!!!! it's inside me. lady gaga and all her almighty weirdness. *big laugh*

another highlight was......i manage to talktalk with my bendan meng from s'pore! so happy. miss him loadsloads!!! :D the fact that he owes me a drinking session (all paid for by him). lagi happy. sigh. must fastfast collect debt haha :D

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