Sunday, May 24, 2009

my sunday siaochabors

when i picked up my rockstarr gongzue from 7-11 in the morning (i made her wait for 10 minutes which is equivalent to a death sentence in her books. yaiks*) i felt as if it has been eternity since i last met her which by right (flips calender*) it has been only one blardy week-_-


the college syndrome is taking over me again-_-
you know you really love the people when you can meet them and not get bored.
this poor girl has been walking into walls, tripping over flat land in her flats and having cold blooded hands. she's going to go for a blardy check up whether she wants it a not-_- whatfish.

cut the whole hoo-hah of mom declaring that today is vegetarian day but decided to go for a "got meat" breakfast so that ms.rockstarr and baby bro bear can't run from breakfast..hahaha that woman ate half a twisties packet when i was 10 min late and a whole McFlurry larh.

breakfast some more meh?!

waited for ms.boob queen and off we went to..where else. 1-Utama-_- gonna get a trophy for most freq. visitorlarh..after babybro. whatgives.

*forgive photoshop skills. no creative juice...dahlarh takde. today lagi takde*

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1st and last pic of ms.rockstarr in her freaking ugly spects. this is what happens when you leave decision making to your ex. HAHA kiddinglarh eds.

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photo sez it all:D she has been on a "hell"thy diet mode lately. ah the days..where i suffered. no more i tell you. i rather run 10km then sacrifice my comfort food *ROAR*

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"eh, why you so old woman wan. always drink tea"
see what's the new fad now!!! :D all hail TEA!!!!actually it's not that i really love tea, but it's the only drink i can refill for free. esp. at starbucks. yes. imma cheapskate.and yes i stole everyone's "tea biscuits".

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cause girls shop every.single.time they meet up-_-

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can see? my boobs here? compared to ms.boob queen in the pic above? *sigh*

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saving money to go s'pore. no choice-_-

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yes that's it. hahahahhaah :D

after that the usuals gossip and random talks about everysingletopicunderthesun over "ma lat mee" (spicy canto the tone is low) which i kept mispronouncing it as "ma lat"( canto the tone will be high) , ms.boob queen was gonna choke on her bubble tea -_-

and yea, i got my bubble tea without the tea! they vacumned all the tea, so plenty of bubbles for me! :D *laughs*

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and yeap, ms.sexay was in office the whole day hence her missing aura. should have photoshopped the photos and put her face in (or mole haha) she brought over this choc rabbit for me!!! :D kuakuakua.

sitting comfortably in my fridge right now. dark choc!! *yums* expiring soon..but hah. can be downed in 5 minutes. no big :D pic stolen from ms.hamtan queen's blog. it's easier to abuse other ppl's already photoshopped pics :D

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