Wednesday, May 20, 2009

sings the most popular song in the world.

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although it's his birthday the rest of the family members decided the location instead. so odd. hahahaaha :D but it has been a long time since we ate korean (my family must be past life japanese-_- confirmed) but i was DYING for kimchi soup..which in the end "tak jadi" also T_T am i the only one who likes kimchi soup!? so i had to settle for "happiness in eating small dishes" :D


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apple crumble as cake. *laughs* in the end I finished the pie!

everyone else was too full-_- wathecrap.

am i such a big eater?! *looks at protruding tummy..sighs*

lovelovelove apple pies..i think i'm gonna marry anyone who knows how to make apple pies-_- i can't believe a person like me who hates apples likes apple pies-_- Dome one rocks too. the one above is from La Manila. 5 minutes before they shut the door-_-

I love you, Lao dou. May you live a long and healthy blessed life *muahs*

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