Thursday, May 21, 2009

welcome to the family


*kai xin*

Oh Lord!! hahahah i better blog bout this while i'm still happy before all happiness evaporates into thin air.

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meet my nameless ipod shuffle (yes i have not named it bleah) !!! i can tell you that as a person who studied in art school, i must be the only one who does not..or did not bother to get into the whole hoo-hah "must own an apple product" or "apple is so cool!" revolution.

so paiseh *laughs*

but now i do!!! *im in the clubb!!!! che-wah* it's second hand but ...nebermindla. with the amount of money saved i can eat another...let's see....495 chokichoki sticks :D


actually the main reason i bought this is cause i wanna use it to pinch pocky whenever i can for syoks it can be clipped on anywhere while jogging. *heh* okay maybe a lil bit to whatever i slashed alsola hahahahaha

aiks. ...i just admitted that i din't buy it just cause it's an apple product. ahah wathemountfuji

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