Tuesday, June 23, 2009

marathons in my life.

movie marathon was last few days.
these few days is baking marathon. mom's helping out some charity thing so it's a baking warzone in the kitchen! ROAR. imma smell like one big giant cookie.
i have 2 more 'marathons' this weekend.

i want a ice-cream eating marathon T_T

Friday, June 19, 2009

lesson #243

when marathon in a cinema. remember to bite something the very least. or at least bite more.
cause food digest faster when it's cold and....congrats! gastric and a rock band stomach where everyone can hear cause jap shows are silent does nothing but give you pain and embarrassment *laughs*

Thursday, June 18, 2009

i'm going camping!!

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well at least i'm pre-posting the reason of my soon absence.
responsible blogger *uh-hm* clears guilty throat.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Drag Me to Hell

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for one. too predictable. i could actually foresee the next scene although half the time i had my face semi-covered by my mom's pashmina and got a shock when my cell phone rang. does not help that i forgot to silent my phone haha -_-''

no matter how good horror movies are..i never liked them cause they always make me jump right out of my seat although being a paranoid freak means i kind of prepare for the unexpected and usually it's always accurate. i still get scared to the bones. haha i always pity the people next to me in a horror film.

to me this wasn't really horror though cause it was more to demons? not like spirits. hmm... doesn't feel like the same category to me. it's not a bad showlarh(must give credit kan? spiderman's director wor)...minus the kinda predictable storyline ...apparently it was supposed to be old school, 70's kinda horror film so ..if that's the case. it was a pretty good movie.

and when my mom gets scared at a horror movie, means the show is considered good since usually her nerves are dead and she doesn't feel much. this time she actually jerked in her chair. HAHA :D so catch it if you're a fan of horror/suspense or have an extra rm10 to spare.

other than that, for me rm10 is equivalent to a better spent 10 cones of McD vanilla cones.

Oh moral of the story?
do not offend old ladies anyone.
i mean in this crazy world, anything can seriously happen... *urg*

and the only part that i really remember (since half the time my face is covered and other than the old lady's scary face T_T) is the bedroom scene...nothing naughty...*uh-hm* but the interior of it. omg sooooooooo niceeeeeeeeeee *sigh*

Sunday, June 14, 2009

of putty rubbers and A3 layout pads

technically it's 2am Monday morning.

but that's not the point isn't it? the point is i just had a tiny dosage of what keeps ms.sexy up every night. she might as well start shifting her pajamas and blankets to her office-_-

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watheleghair. tak abis-abis wan her work. i don't understand why.
are all advertising agencies the same?

who am i kidding-_- they ARE ALL THE SAME.

but seriously, it has been Godzilla years since i picked up a pencil and drew semi-proper stuffs.
damn rusty. ohmygoldfish-_-

makes me wonder how did i go through all those sleepless endless nights and days during college.
also makes me smile damn a lot cause it was the exact same reason why i enjoyed every single bit of it :D

Saturday, June 13, 2009

kapal stim *choo choo*

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it just feels damn good to come home to a nice smelling pot of asam soup (same feeling when you are desperate for the loo and finally found one that you can release to :D)

sometimes i really....look up to my brother's friends-_- this whole bunch of 20 year olds can just come over, prepare everything and even offer us (the family) to eat first cause they are using the kitchen and dining room after all.

all that happening when the dear younger brother(the host) isn't even home-_- what is thislarh.
the worst part sometimes is how can these same bunch of twenty year olds, so nice and friendly bully this 24 year old girl-_-

what the crap.

"omg kent, your sis really nice to bully."


bully what bully?!
Call me DAI KAR JIE!!!! RAWR!

Friday, June 12, 2009

everybody! look left!

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at the monkeys i went sing K with. the right side monkey so guai.
Heh Heh*
ya. the right side monkey was the other feet from the pic in this post.
i know! i just went karaoke lastlast week:D
but karaoke rocks my socks! (although i don't wear socks cause i don't wear sneakers)
3 hours langsung tak cukups!!
and got reason ma:D
old man's birthday heh*

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

reunion meet up

it has been a month.
30. san shi. tiga puluh. san jiu. san sap. thirty.
long days.
since the 4 of us met up hahah:D
i was fine cause i was meeting them individually but the 3 of them were missing one another :D
so..of coursela must have "tummy reunion session".

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sakai 1 and sakai 2. haha
sakai 2 wins kns-ness la:D
i mean look at sakai 2's face hahahahaha :D but sakai 1 will always be cuter.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
meet sakai 3 and sakai 4.
fighting for the yummy yakisoba :D
sakai 4 won cause sakai 3 drop a part of his share onto the table accidentally :D

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
to burn calories-_- konnonnyer. walked to sakai 2's new home nearby :D
visitvisit and bully him bout the messiness of his bed.
"only today i din't pack my bed!"
i proudly announced, "i don't pack everyday!:D how bout that?"
4 sakais but one extra kaki :D
you will see him veryvery soon. hahahaha

Monday, June 8, 2009

3 things.

1. i have a lil blue whale. it's a soft toy. it's a magnet. wathe.
it's a lil magnet soft toy (or soft toy magnet) haha had it for manymany years. back in Sri KL when we had lockers during sec. school (felt so exciting and "mature!" haha) i bought it to decorate the locker that i shared with my dear mopiko. it was expensive that time. (hello. 10 years back?) now it resides on my fridge...........until i realized..or more like mom told me she gave it away yesterday while i was in Genting to her cousin's 5 year old daughter cause she wouldn't let it go-_-

i felt soooooooooo sad. holds sentimental value wei.
actually although me and mom had a small fight over this. i wasn't angry that she gave away something so dear to me. it's more like.....at least let me have a freaking photo of it before you give it away can!?

so now i have to find a day to go to my "ku po's" house to take a picture of it to satisfy myself. BLeah.
impossible to get one outside. i bet on my life on this.

2. my dad laogais for ice-cream one. wathefoochookkkk.

"no you can't eat!!! you were coughing!"
"i where gotttttt", failed puppy eye look


...-_- what is thislarh. tell me please.

3. my brother's friends just invited me to go makanmakan with them this saturday, some hot plate dinner....behind my brother's back ...on MSN...just cause i asked one of his friend when can bring us go Cameron kaikai-_- next thing i knew, the chatbox was filled with 3 more kakis...and arh...on going random topics of Cameron dates and good food. watheunagisauce. haha

Sunday, June 7, 2009


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mr.karipop sucks at whorecam.

or maybe cause at the back got lenglui that's why haha

updates later :D

very OBVIOUSLA where we were-_-

Saturday, June 6, 2009

my double A's

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in the end, girlfriends are the ones that makes your day.


Thursday, June 4, 2009


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busy lately. back this weekend :D
pinky promise