Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Drag Me to Hell

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for one. too predictable. i could actually foresee the next scene although half the time i had my face semi-covered by my mom's pashmina and got a shock when my cell phone rang. does not help that i forgot to silent my phone haha -_-''

no matter how good horror movies are..i never liked them cause they always make me jump right out of my seat although being a paranoid freak means i kind of prepare for the unexpected and usually it's always accurate. i still get scared to the bones. haha i always pity the people next to me in a horror film.

to me this wasn't really horror though cause it was more to demons? not like spirits. hmm... doesn't feel like the same category to me. it's not a bad showlarh(must give credit kan? spiderman's director wor)...minus the kinda predictable storyline ...apparently it was supposed to be old school, 70's kinda horror film so ..if that's the case. it was a pretty good movie.

and when my mom gets scared at a horror movie, means the show is considered good since usually her nerves are dead and she doesn't feel much. this time she actually jerked in her chair. HAHA :D so catch it if you're a fan of horror/suspense or have an extra rm10 to spare.

other than that, for me rm10 is equivalent to a better spent 10 cones of McD vanilla cones.

Oh moral of the story?
do not offend old ladies anyone.
i mean in this crazy world, anything can seriously happen... *urg*

and the only part that i really remember (since half the time my face is covered and other than the old lady's scary face T_T) is the bedroom scene...nothing naughty...*uh-hm* but the interior of it. omg sooooooooo niceeeeeeeeeee *sigh*

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