Saturday, June 13, 2009

kapal stim *choo choo*

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it just feels damn good to come home to a nice smelling pot of asam soup (same feeling when you are desperate for the loo and finally found one that you can release to :D)

sometimes i really....look up to my brother's friends-_- this whole bunch of 20 year olds can just come over, prepare everything and even offer us (the family) to eat first cause they are using the kitchen and dining room after all.

all that happening when the dear younger brother(the host) isn't even home-_- what is thislarh.
the worst part sometimes is how can these same bunch of twenty year olds, so nice and friendly bully this 24 year old girl-_-

what the crap.

"omg kent, your sis really nice to bully."


bully what bully?!
Call me DAI KAR JIE!!!! RAWR!

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