Sunday, June 14, 2009

of putty rubbers and A3 layout pads

technically it's 2am Monday morning.

but that's not the point isn't it? the point is i just had a tiny dosage of what keeps up every night. she might as well start shifting her pajamas and blankets to her office-_-

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watheleghair. tak abis-abis wan her work. i don't understand why.
are all advertising agencies the same?

who am i kidding-_- they ARE ALL THE SAME.

but seriously, it has been Godzilla years since i picked up a pencil and drew semi-proper stuffs.
damn rusty. ohmygoldfish-_-

makes me wonder how did i go through all those sleepless endless nights and days during college.
also makes me smile damn a lot cause it was the exact same reason why i enjoyed every single bit of it :D

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  1. remind me of the comic strip u drew last time....less then a day and u can win a prize from it.... =.=".

    i think it'll b nice if u draw some and post it here :)