Saturday, July 18, 2009

saturday mornings

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*laughs* this is what happens when the other is busy concentrating on his pre-exam paper and this one is too lazy to scout for some more books.

i love libraries. reminds me of my younger days. (walao sounds so old like that)

in primary school i always borrowed a malay series storybook about a girl who solves mystery cases. just like Nancy Drew but malay version. it was really good. i swear i finished the whole series and surprisingly, ms.sexay read them as well :D i'm not alone. omg. the ever so famous lil miss series now, i am sure everyone read it in their younger days as well :D missmiss*

secondary school the library was for escaping classes, writing notes to each other (cause everytime we talk we kena hushed. sigh*) and sitting behind shelves to naughtynaughty. hahahahaha :D

to people who recognized the slipper on the right. no. nothing is going on between us. just cause we are sometimes silly together. if you take notice, all four of us as a family are silly with each other as i am with all my other friends. okay maybe not so with guy friends. just a mild few haha :D

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