Tuesday, July 28, 2009

today's quote is

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i recalled during college when the topic we were talking bout gets too heated up or gets out of hand or one of us just don't really wanna gossip bout this particular topic anymore, the sentence "yeee yih......meh lei geh?" (what is it?) while pointing to the sky is said to stop it.

hahah few years down the road..well... at least it's upgraded now. we KNOW what is it.

and seriously, long time since i communicated with two people of the same name together at the same time. *urg* it's like during sec school when there were....i think 4 or 5 Nicholas-es in the same form....surprisingly after i left secondary school, i never met any. haha

i have to admit though. nice name, i have always liked it: )
but then again, maybe cause all the nicholas-es i know are nice guys.

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