Friday, August 28, 2009

shortshort! :D

i snipped my hair off! :D
like really snipped.
all the while when i mentioned i snipped my hair everyone will say no difference.
now got!
well-_- actually from front not much diff cause my hair has always been layered, short to long. so front is still the same chin length. but i chopped the back to the same level now. chin. so it's short to shorter. haha

i really wanted to keep my hair long so i can do japanese curls ( i know, me with curls!-_- but i really like curls and thought in my life try it once)

10 minutes before my hairdresser attended to me. my dear snoopy called.
she sounded normal at first. i tell you girls suck in hiding tears. cause soon enough, after i sense something. she bawled. she cried so hard. hurts my heart. i guess despite how all of us try to hide it sometimes, how we try to be Oscar winners in acting, in the end of the day doesn't really work.

"it's the guy's loss"

it's a typical girl sentence used amongst girlfriends to console one another. a one side situation but in this case, i really think from the bottom of my heart it's his loss. it's not his fault. it never was. we can never force love. but it's his loss.

i don't care whether it makes sense a not cause in the end of the day my friend is the one that's crying.

and you know what happens when someone is heartbroken right?

that's how i snipped my hair off-_-

on the behalf of my friend mieh. even after i asked her whether should i cut and she said no. shows that once my mind is set no point changing it. haha only the hairdresser cause i wanted shorter, he die also dowan to give it to me cause he say i will look like a watermelon.

and as my mum was commenting while she was sitting there in her curlers.

"yalar. from si gua (watermelon) look like sa gua (stupid)"

kanasai mother-_-

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