Saturday, September 26, 2009

fuh-an fair & fuh-anny

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was at In-Touch Church's fun fair at Sek.Sri Nobel :D raising funds to build a building. obviously if there's ms.rockstarr and food. there's us. one. kena force. two. forced us. hahah :D

it was like a mini time travel back. we sat on the floor-_- like sec school kids during assembly. there were fun fair games that i though would never see again. it was also one of the most expensive fun fair i have been to. hahaha rm20 for 4 coupons. each coupon was rm5 and an ice-cream was 1 coupon.

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meet..lemon chicken with my beh tong look :D the food were not bad seriously speaking. they were all homecooked by the church members and i know they are gonna rock cause during the few times i went to Ms.Rockstarr's church, the lunch prepared was always good hahah :D i peeped into the classrooms and there were people still preparing food! O_o so much work!

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meet the kns queen who woke up late and thank God we weren't late. 5 min is late in ms.rockstarr's dictionary. but for ms.boob queen 5 min is early-_- the biggest catch of the day was seeing ms.rockstarr in a yukata..underneath she wore a Tee and pants-_- just to 'kangkang' her legs when sitting or squatting down. stand with her legs apart AND every time i ask for extra coupons she will LIFT HER YUKATA like she was flashing to me to take it out from her pants-_- this woman i tell you...hahhahha-_- swt.

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meet pocky. sometimes i feel terribly sorry for him cause he has to put up with all my nonsense.esp on saturdays. haha-_- faster get a girlfriend so that you will be less stressful lar bodo and so that i can have my suckling pig to eat! :D

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if only some famous person said "whacking your head with the mike will make you grow more hair" confirm i can be hitting until the crows come home and he will still happily let me continue.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

oh happyhappy joyjoy

met up with baby's friend, Desmond....King of Crap-_-

and King of Crap introduced some friends to us...who weren't as crappy as him...but arh..hahahah :D our table was the loudest in laughter and most salah in terms of topic.

From Station One all the way to Old Town-_-

with my baobeis also same. with bodo gang also same. now with them also same....i'm forever with the loudest and noisiest table. hurhur!!?

i for one never heard so much wrong porn in my life.
my life.
my life.

yes....the topics were bout porn-_-
sigh. he was telling the storyline and baby and me were processing it in our brains.

veryvery difficult and lost-_- haha

anyhow...-_- some bad habits of mine turned up during the convo (i noticed it happens once in a while esp when i meet with new people that i feel comfy with-_-) not saying what it is..and Desmond made full use of them to bully me.miehhhh T_T

but i present you Desmond's cute constipated look HAHA :D

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ke ai wei~

Monday, September 21, 2009

turning back time

it has beeen yearsssssss :D
i always loveddd daytona. that's where i learned that stepping brakes was no fun! HAHAHHAHA and unfortunately brought it to real life, hence my horrible driving skills-_-

played other games as well. can't believe i was spending money on tokens. haha what was missing were purikara (photo sticker) machines. Bah.

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how to act cute. haha-_-

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and ar :D signs of growing up (or down?) hahahhahaha photos all in facebook. lazy to resize and blab all bout the fun we had killing one another. sorry anne :D

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G definitely for kids that haven't hit puberty hahaha :D it was cute. it was funny. but when people ask "so how?" you will go "oh-kay..larhh...cutelorh."

the storyline was predictable, too many BEP songs and i feel like whacking the 'rodent' -_- but cute factor was wayyyy high. kuakua. minus the roaches. brrr*
karipop was saying though.
"but you were laughing damn loud! how can you say just okay?"
cause hor...already pay money. might as well make full use and laugh to my heart's content lar :D

Sunday, September 20, 2009

where got ghost?

my face lar.
after watching this movie. i am the ghost. gonna haunt Jack Neo for such movie.
a great waste of my time.

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i love Jack Neo. have always been. since the days he acted in "Liang Por Por". then he made it into the big screen. then...i don't knowlar....when you have a reputation to keep up, you are gonna have to push it further and harder and sometimes it might backfire (im just saying my honest thoughts. not trying to diss a man who worked hard to get where he is right now....i know im contradicting by saying this right? haha-_-) or maybe i'm growing up-_-

or maybe he should not do any comedy horror.
'nuf said.

the only good joke that i really liked from the whole movie was.

"why this orange not sweet wan!?"
"oh boss...this orange..sugar-free.."

whatdakulikulikuakua. hahahahha lame dao....

and my harmonica darling is having a big day tmr. kuakua. me needs to make sure got suckling pig to eat! me definitely looking fwd although it's gonna take some time! my very happiessss :D

Saturday, September 19, 2009

the ugly truth

is something all of us know deep inside but refuse to admit :D

haha ...well to a certain extendlar. i mean movies always show the most extreme cases so that the dumb and the blur (aka me) can see the obvious difference if not i will come out baffled and lost.

it's true that guys are visual based. how can i deny it after so many years mixing with all those 'jimuis' of mine. differs from guy to guy but it's somehow pretty much the same stereotyped look. *paste pictures of Korean girls after plastic surgery* that is also how it ruined my thinking of guys and showed me how shallow some of them can be.

and..unfortunately it's true on the girl's end also. HAHA. of course it's the same of humour...stability..blahblahblah *sticks imaginary list as long as Nile river* late last year i knew a girl who actually evaluate guys like shown in the movie-_- to me it was really freaky. wanna be friend also feel tiring.
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but really,(although the movie was lacking a bit..i mean to me there wasn't enough incidents to go around making the 2 mains to fall in love with each other) the final moral of the story is that when love happens. it just happens. with the heart.

and when it happens, you won't even realize it. your heart feels like its exploding with happiness and the long list? criteria? all out the window like it was yesterday's toilet paper..the one you used to wipe your bumbum.

Monday, September 14, 2009

city girl no more.

my non-city friends usually ejek me.
"city girl never see before sunrise kan? it's different one."

now got proof that i actually woke up automatically at 6am to catch it :D
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i actually took a lot of snap shots resulting in still shots of the sun actually rising :D

the only way i could summarize it was
"felt like a paddle pop sky with a great big ham tan in the middle."
lucky wasn't like my other half who brought me. imagine all romantic and lovey-dovey then i say such thing-_- sigh* the guy could well enough whack me on the spot. haha romanticism is not in my blood.

and the most colourful picture i have. amazing how many hues the sea has.
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well, that's how i spent my weekend :D

finishing my sunblock.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

girls just wanna have fuh-un :D

*ripped off from bodo-ism*

this is what girls do when they are mou liu and don't have 'the other half' to mou liu with them.
first stop. picking up ms.chan and bodo baby. ms.chan wanted to eat something cold..for a moment felt like a boyfriend girlfriend thing.

"so tired still wanna go out?"
"wanna eat something cold."
"so, where you wanna go?"
"don't know, just want something cold."


hahahahah seriously with my -ve knowledge skills on road sense and places at 10+pm. it's like "howhowhow?!" running through my head. now i know why boyfriends are always pre-prepared.

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so we settled for BIG ICE cafe at Uptown. passed by many times cause it's the same row with ICLS. but have never tried. Thank God (for me) it was still open *laughs*

bodo baby de milk tea snow with guilingao..which the only thing she can say when it first came was..."wah the guilingao look like tyre-_-"


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ms.chan and i punya Big Ice Strawberry Garden. cheat one. hahahah not big also! maybe not big enough for us and the strawberries...sigh. test chopping skills isit? slice until so fine.

and then the smart ms.chan despite so stressed out wanna play JENGA! or blocks of wood that she just "jenga-fied" it. there were other games like OLD MAID. walao-_- 10 years din't play. haha the numbers were damn useful during playing :D

see the bottom....why only got one no.22 block holding it? all bodo baby do one-_- she giler one. later you can see her pintai face when taking out the blocks :D i am just thankful ms.chan don't read blogs cause i will die if she knows i uploaded her leng photo up here.

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the kena force to play T_T i learned how to pokepoke during this game. pokepokepokepoke* hahahha until one block itchy cannot tahan kena poke will be loose and come out de lar:D
our Jenga so "Holey" (Holy) :D

bodo baby's style is not poking. she just take! SCARY WEI!. she's crazy! and always when it's her turn, supposedly gonna fall. veryvery crucial edy. but don't fall one-_- kns. the wood blocks love her or something lar must be.

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see the pro look!! one hand enough! left hand somemore! :D

then ar...:D we went pusingpusing for loklok!!!!! i shall now take this time to thank SS2 loklok uncle (the one in front of 7-11) for being open despite it was almost 12am on Hungry Ghost festivals. cause other then Hungry Ghosts got us, semi-Hungry Girls. or more like itchy backside wanna find loklok and eat one stick punya bulat :")

there was tomyum soup. yumyumyum in my tumtumtum. ms.chan say she 1st time see loklok cart with tomyum soup. i din't care. i just like tomyum :D hahahha felt like drinking the soup.

:D bodo baby de look~ haha ke ai funny. she some more in the end ate ice-cream after loklok :D hahahahah ms.chan bullied her to buy. poor thing. feel ms.chan's scaryness mou now? HAHAHAHAHAHA she will bully you then encourage you de. scary :P

see my 3 diff sauce the fishballs:D
i noticed 90% girls like fishballs :D i like them cause they are round. :D

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

murder me-_-

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see. before i knew it. i watched another horror/thriller movie.


as compared to "The Orphan" , "Murderer" was ....kinda tame....but it made me feel pissed. at first i was fine...then i was scared. it was freaky, the lil boy was so cute! (spoilerlar don't care.) then will learn to know he's the murderer (or the head/brain behind every killing cause he wanted revenge) this really shows that you really can't judge a book by it's cover and the saying, "the person is beautiful when the inside is as well" cause once i knew he was the murderer...not cute anymore! hello, he's like this 7 year old kid but actually his mind is a 40 year old's man and it's all twisted! i was gonna cry cause it made me feel so scared.

if i was a kindergarten teacher i will think twice bout all the lil kids i'm teaching after this movie! Lord. plus after Aaron Kwok knows he's the murderer but can't do anything bout it cause he planned the killings to have all evidence point back to Aaron Kwok making him sound like the murderer instead. plus the now not so cute and innocent lil boy said things like, "i am now gonna find your wife to sleep. i am thinking of her again."

... so freaky lar T_T

and at the end the kid din't die! *ROAR* from my "oh so cute" feeling, i went to saying out loud, "KILL HIM!!!if you are not gonna kill him, let me do it!"

i seriously felt like killing him-_- *strangle* *stabstabstab*

worse part is the kid did not die in the end and Aaron Kwok was put into jail-_-


what a show. seriously if you like kids like me...i recommend not to watch it. spoils your brain cells. maybe the fact that i'm a girl makes the whole thing feels worse-_-

let's stick to happy normal kids show like...."Baby's Day Out."

damn cute :D

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

my tummy goes ngomngomngom

where ever there's food, my tummy will follow. unfortunately sometimes my wallet can't keep up with this craze. haha

anyway,lemme tell you about Sid's Pub at Taman Tun. a plce where i will go back to try their other food :D

it was a small, small pub(hm..bistro?) with this nice warm yet "CHEERS" feeling. *laughs* i am sure it looks nicer during the night :D the night usually changes everything, no?

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Pea n Ham soup!
i chuckled silently when i saw it cause it's one of the soup in Restaurant City menu. well, the other 2 soups were "Veggies" and ms.chicken din't want that's why this soup. if not i would have opted for ...broccoli something :D

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HAM! (why am i stating the obvious)
anyway it was creamy, yet not overly pea-ish with just the right amount of ham :D
i love soup so :D i'm easily satisfied as long it's not out of the Campbell can but then again ms.chicken licked it clean with me so judging from her standards, can't be all that bad!

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PIE!! (comes with a big generous amount of sauce that you can drown the pie in)which i shamefully don't remember. cause i recall asking for shepherd's pie but they ran out. so we took the pie..BELOW shepherd's pie on the menu. each pie comes with Fries or Mash.

we wanted fries at first cause there was this lil girl eating Cod & Chips, her chips looked GOOD. -_- mana tau the i assumed manager went, "MASH. i promise you. it's good"

-_- girls will be girls.

Mash it was.

i wish i taken a photo of the inside. juicy:D
hua....i'm now hungry T_T wathefreakinbananasauce.

total bill was rm36.80. you can do the guessing play minus the 5% and 10% cause i don't remember nuts for each item :D

they were also putting up banners and what nots for ARTHUR's DAY by GUINNESS:D
i saw a 14 day countdown on their Chalk :D
haha Head on over!!!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

the "Bob"

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it's prolly a new move that they do to release stress :D
haha reminds me of the Einsteins in The Night in The Museum 2.
7 1/2 hours of karaoke and we still want more. crazy.
maybe one of us should get married to a person that owns Redbox/Neway.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

it's here (again....)

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my mom say worse then war-_-
this one is a small one. i have a bigger one coming up in Dec. sniff*

omg. before i left for class. i searched for my friend's notes that i have to return to her. biggest freak out of my life when i realized it was missing. i searched high and low-_- then i found it in my drawer where now i recalled putting it there for safekeeping cause it's not mine and i know how important it is to her considering it included important exchange letters she had with our previous teacher-_- see. when i safekeep i can't find. when i simply put aside, i know where it is exactly. what the crap.