Monday, September 14, 2009

city girl no more.

my non-city friends usually ejek me.
"city girl never see before sunrise kan? it's different one."

now got proof that i actually woke up automatically at 6am to catch it :D
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i actually took a lot of snap shots resulting in still shots of the sun actually rising :D

the only way i could summarize it was
"felt like a paddle pop sky with a great big ham tan in the middle."
lucky wasn't like my other half who brought me. imagine all romantic and lovey-dovey then i say such thing-_- sigh* the guy could well enough whack me on the spot. haha romanticism is not in my blood.

and the most colourful picture i have. amazing how many hues the sea has.
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well, that's how i spent my weekend :D

finishing my sunblock.

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