Thursday, September 10, 2009

girls just wanna have fuh-un :D

*ripped off from bodo-ism*

this is what girls do when they are mou liu and don't have 'the other half' to mou liu with them.
first stop. picking up ms.chan and bodo baby. ms.chan wanted to eat something cold..for a moment felt like a boyfriend girlfriend thing.

"so tired still wanna go out?"
"wanna eat something cold."
"so, where you wanna go?"
"don't know, just want something cold."


hahahahah seriously with my -ve knowledge skills on road sense and places at 10+pm. it's like "howhowhow?!" running through my head. now i know why boyfriends are always pre-prepared.

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so we settled for BIG ICE cafe at Uptown. passed by many times cause it's the same row with ICLS. but have never tried. Thank God (for me) it was still open *laughs*

bodo baby de milk tea snow with guilingao..which the only thing she can say when it first came was..."wah the guilingao look like tyre-_-"


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ms.chan and i punya Big Ice Strawberry Garden. cheat one. hahahah not big also! maybe not big enough for us and the strawberries...sigh. test chopping skills isit? slice until so fine.

and then the smart ms.chan despite so stressed out wanna play JENGA! or blocks of wood that she just "jenga-fied" it. there were other games like OLD MAID. walao-_- 10 years din't play. haha the numbers were damn useful during playing :D

see the bottom....why only got one no.22 block holding it? all bodo baby do one-_- she giler one. later you can see her pintai face when taking out the blocks :D i am just thankful ms.chan don't read blogs cause i will die if she knows i uploaded her leng photo up here.

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the kena force to play T_T i learned how to pokepoke during this game. pokepokepokepoke* hahahha until one block itchy cannot tahan kena poke will be loose and come out de lar:D
our Jenga so "Holey" (Holy) :D

bodo baby's style is not poking. she just take! SCARY WEI!. she's crazy! and always when it's her turn, supposedly gonna fall. veryvery crucial edy. but don't fall one-_- kns. the wood blocks love her or something lar must be.

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see the pro look!! one hand enough! left hand somemore! :D

then ar...:D we went pusingpusing for loklok!!!!! i shall now take this time to thank SS2 loklok uncle (the one in front of 7-11) for being open despite it was almost 12am on Hungry Ghost festivals. cause other then Hungry Ghosts got us, semi-Hungry Girls. or more like itchy backside wanna find loklok and eat one stick punya bulat :")

there was tomyum soup. yumyumyum in my tumtumtum. ms.chan say she 1st time see loklok cart with tomyum soup. i din't care. i just like tomyum :D hahahha felt like drinking the soup.

:D bodo baby de look~ haha ke ai funny. she some more in the end ate ice-cream after loklok :D hahahahah ms.chan bullied her to buy. poor thing. feel ms.chan's scaryness mou now? HAHAHAHAHAHA she will bully you then encourage you de. scary :P

see my 3 diff sauce the fishballs:D
i noticed 90% girls like fishballs :D i like them cause they are round. :D

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