Tuesday, September 8, 2009

my tummy goes ngomngomngom

where ever there's food, my tummy will follow. unfortunately sometimes my wallet can't keep up with this craze. haha

anyway,lemme tell you about Sid's Pub at Taman Tun. a plce where i will go back to try their other food :D

it was a small, small pub(hm..bistro?) with this nice warm yet "CHEERS" feeling. *laughs* i am sure it looks nicer during the night :D the night usually changes everything, no?

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Pea n Ham soup!
i chuckled silently when i saw it cause it's one of the soup in Restaurant City menu. well, the other 2 soups were "Veggies" and ms.chicken din't want that's why this soup. if not i would have opted for ...broccoli something :D

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HAM! (why am i stating the obvious)
anyway it was creamy, yet not overly pea-ish with just the right amount of ham :D
i love soup so :D i'm easily satisfied as long it's not out of the Campbell can but then again ms.chicken licked it clean with me so judging from her standards, can't be all that bad!

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PIE!! (comes with a big generous amount of sauce that you can drown the pie in)which i shamefully don't remember. cause i recall asking for shepherd's pie but they ran out. so we took the pie..BELOW shepherd's pie on the menu. each pie comes with Fries or Mash.

we wanted fries at first cause there was this lil girl eating Cod & Chips, her chips looked GOOD. -_- mana tau the i assumed manager went, "MASH. i promise you. it's good"

-_- girls will be girls.

Mash it was.

i wish i taken a photo of the inside. juicy:D
hua....i'm now hungry T_T wathefreakinbananasauce.

total bill was rm36.80. you can do the guessing play minus the 5% and 10% cause i don't remember nuts for each item :D

they were also putting up banners and what nots for ARTHUR's DAY by GUINNESS:D
i saw a 14 day countdown on their Chalk Board..so :D
haha Head on over!!!

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