Tuesday, September 22, 2009

oh happyhappy joyjoy

met up with baby's friend, Desmond....King of Crap-_-

and King of Crap introduced some friends to us...who weren't as crappy as him...but arh..hahahah :D our table was the loudest in laughter and most salah in terms of topic.

From Station One all the way to Old Town-_-

with my baobeis also same. with bodo gang also same. now with them also same....i'm forever with the loudest and noisiest table. hurhur!!?

i for one never heard so much wrong porn in my life.
my life.
my life.

yes....the topics were bout porn-_-
sigh. he was telling the storyline and baby and me were processing it in our brains.

veryvery difficult and lost-_- haha

anyhow...-_- some bad habits of mine turned up during the convo (i noticed it happens once in a while esp when i meet with new people that i feel comfy with-_-) not saying what it is..and Desmond made full use of them to bully me.miehhhh T_T

but i present you Desmond's cute constipated look HAHA :D

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ke ai wei~

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