Monday, September 21, 2009

turning back time

it has beeen yearsssssss :D
i always loveddd daytona. that's where i learned that stepping brakes was no fun! HAHAHHAHA and unfortunately brought it to real life, hence my horrible driving skills-_-

played other games as well. can't believe i was spending money on tokens. haha what was missing were purikara (photo sticker) machines. Bah.

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how to act cute. haha-_-

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and ar :D signs of growing up (or down?) hahahhahaha photos all in facebook. lazy to resize and blab all bout the fun we had killing one another. sorry anne :D

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G definitely for kids that haven't hit puberty hahaha :D it was cute. it was funny. but when people ask "so how?" you will go "oh-kay..larhh...cutelorh."

the storyline was predictable, too many BEP songs and i feel like whacking the 'rodent' -_- but cute factor was wayyyy high. kuakua. minus the roaches. brrr*
karipop was saying though.
"but you were laughing damn loud! how can you say just okay?"
cause hor...already pay money. might as well make full use and laugh to my heart's content lar :D

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