Saturday, September 19, 2009

the ugly truth

is something all of us know deep inside but refuse to admit :D

haha ...well to a certain extendlar. i mean movies always show the most extreme cases so that the dumb and the blur (aka me) can see the obvious difference if not i will come out baffled and lost.

it's true that guys are visual based. how can i deny it after so many years mixing with all those 'jimuis' of mine. differs from guy to guy but it's somehow pretty much the same stereotyped look. *paste pictures of Korean girls after plastic surgery* that is also how it ruined my thinking of guys and showed me how shallow some of them can be.

and..unfortunately it's true on the girl's end also. HAHA. of course it's the same of humour...stability..blahblahblah *sticks imaginary list as long as Nile river* late last year i knew a girl who actually evaluate guys like shown in the movie-_- to me it was really freaky. wanna be friend also feel tiring.
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but really,(although the movie was lacking a bit..i mean to me there wasn't enough incidents to go around making the 2 mains to fall in love with each other) the final moral of the story is that when love happens. it just happens. with the heart.

and when it happens, you won't even realize it. your heart feels like its exploding with happiness and the long list? criteria? all out the window like it was yesterday's toilet paper..the one you used to wipe your bumbum.

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