Sunday, October 11, 2009

the 2 important sakais in my life

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comes with a heavy price to pay.

1 outing with them = 100000 calories-_-

walao. stuffed myself full to the brim with them! maybe it's just ms.chicken-_- enthusiastically from one plate to another. wherethefrappucino she stores them?!-_- i'm thankful her illegal other half can keep up with her. i definitely can't. for the 1st time my wallet can but my tummy can't. *laughs*

i miss them already! argh* this sucks.

oh! and i watched....The Private Lives of Pippa Lee.. :D happy* grins* i thought i would have to catch it alone but they were like "we want to watch!!!!" i really can't take it when people say okay but on their face shows reluctancy-_- sigh. don't want saylar don't want. difficult isit? the whole show? haha not up to what i expected but there were a few good laughing moments. *remembers Keanu Reeves chest*

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oh! and the Jaya Grocer in BU? :D has baby food!! i mean like. nice. looking. baby. food-_- i think when i feel rich some day i'm gonna buy one packet and down it-_- and they have Ben & Jerry's. lemme see if there's a day my tummy decides to let loose and be free-_- har har. don't care. i will eat it anyway. *saves up money and calories*

and oh. the photo above? that's the status of our love life :D
and erm..that's how lil ms.chicken held the cam. hahaha :D silly woman. (actually i teach wan. hohoho.)

rar rar rar.

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