Sunday, October 25, 2009

Cloudy with a chance of meatballs

One word to summarize this whole movie.


from the start to the end. it was LAME.

lame to me is fuh-nay.

it's stupid kind of funny. if you can take it, by all means laugh like us. LOUD AND HARD :D

if like my other half :D stared blankly half the time. hahaha

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if you ask me definitely can't beat UP but beat Monsters Vs. Aliens hands down! :D certain jokes were classic, some remakes, expressions (like the dad's..and the kissing moments) were priceless..all in all, coming out of the cinema laughing over small silly things is always better then confusion over the non-understandable storyline kinda movie.

so all's good.

plus cartoons always have better moral values in the end of the day. i feel. maybe it's to educate kids (and adults)


please...please...haha do not think so much like.."eiyer so to eat from the floor the food...omg so toxic leh ingredients from clouds and you know rain not clean what."

if it's like this cinema should start restricting saying for ages 8 and below AT HEART. (aiks. sorry prawn babe! i know you din't mean it but aiyoo.....don't lar spoil the movie for yourself.)

and the whole cinema prolly heard me went berserk when i saw ice-cream town :D hahahah omg. what's there not to like bout comfort food?! you tell me!

and what girls do after watching movie? SHOP-_- ARGH* Overspend wei this month. but it was rm15 a shirt!!! i can't believe i'm having a bimbo complaint moment-_-

moment end.

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