Thursday, October 8, 2009

my funny mother.

mom, Dancing Queen and I were having lunch at Dragon-i today.

due to my mom's strategic view, she was eye-ing on a couple nearby and all kinds of jiggly-wiggly were in her head.

so as we were leaving the restaurant she nudged both of us to look and the scene was actually a late-twenties feeding soup to a forties woman?

so the question was.

"you think what kind of relationship are they having?"

"er..i don't see anything wrong in my eyes really.."
"yea but imagine if the lady is married! then such young man is feeding her soup! what would you think? what would her hubby say?!"
"er..maybe she's not married? hahah then it's okay what. Love knows no age anyway."
"ya somemore nowadays not funny to see unmarried women choosing younger guys after certain age."
"okaylar..if she's not married..but what if she is! so dangerous! at least go to a secluded place. imagine here what if one of their friend bumps into them"
"...MAAAAA...maybe there is really nothing that's why they dare to be in the public. stop jumping into conclusions when we don't know what's going on!! ROAR. what's wrong you tell me!"
"Well..for one....just imagine it's ME AND POCKY IS FEEDING ME SOUP"
"why not casey!?"
"cause casey will look like my son! if i want a wrong 'view', pocky is a good age for it"


too much mom. too much.

but if you want him so much i can help you since he's single anyway :D kakakaka

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