Wednesday, October 7, 2009

oh the drama

weeee~ i think the worst thing is people telling me that they can't find my Facebook equivalent to as good as gone-_- mieh. my photos arhs!! ROAR.

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and so yours truly got hacked in Facebook AND MSN.

the hacker msged whoever he/she wanted on both accounts asking for money saying that I either

1. got lost in London, robbed and urgently need money or help.
2. in London now with a gun pointed towards me.

people started SMS-ing me or calling to verify while i was innocently typing emails -_- didn't occur my mind cause my Facebook was logged on just inactive and MSN just keep signing in and out-_-


of all people, why mine-_- cousin gave the best answer.

cause of your ke ai lion profile pic in facebook!! :D
Like Kodomo Lion right?!
yeayea!! :D hahahha Rare mar people put such photo.
after 2 seconds.
eh's a Giraffe..not Lion
-_-!! and you also din't notice when i said Lion OMG.

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