Thursday, November 5, 2009

10800 seconds

that is how long me and mr.fries can talk.
surprisingly without awkward stops. it's funny.
is it because we are both talkative?
because we can talk about anything under the sun inc. slippers?
because both of us has nothing to hide or hold back?
because we are not afraid to be ourselves?
because we are in sync?
because we don't talk on a daily basis so we have much more to share when we meet up?
because we accept one another?

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we are different in many ways yet we are the same.
i really don't know how to explain but i noticed it's always an impromptu meeting. usually with him just saying in random.

"eh? why you home wan? come. let's go kaikai. kakaka"

and i so far always say, "let's go!"

resulting him giving me the "O.o" look every.single.time.

haha :D

and how funny every time i feel i just need somebody to talk (take) my mind off things his invitation comes.

talk bout freakay.

and who the heck walks halfway will say things like, "eh can we just sit down and talk. i like talking. talking's better"


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