Friday, November 20, 2009

christmas countdown!!! :D

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i initially wanted to catch some french film at Midvalley. the problem with Midvalley's GSC is that the length of the queue is forever long. whenever you stand at the back of the line, you can never see the beginning of it-_-''

amazing. GSC is so earning.

so in the end, me and ms.sexay chan went to look at....jengjeng* christmas decos :D
seriously one of the best deco places is Metrojaya. (i seriously can't wait to look at every where else's!! happyhappy joyjoy wheeeeeeeeee :D:D:D)

i will tell you now, that both of us are the ultimate girls.

we can look at decos FOREVER. like around....prolly..2 hours? from ooh-inh and aah-ing. it ended with her wanting to buy for me a deco as xmas present which i really did not mind (and mind you they weren't cheap! rm12 for a deco ...imagine decorating a whole tree!! so exp wei!) but i being a fickle pot could not make up my puny mind and after narrowing and coming to a conclusion on which deco she should buy for me.

....we ended up with something else.


totally different.

still x'mas....but totally different thing. HAHAHHAHAHAH :D

seriously, that also took a while cause there were 3 colours and i was stuck between colour vs. picture. but we enjoyed ourselves (or at least i freaking enjoy doing useless random activities haha:P) and i bet no one can guess what she bought! :D

heh heh*

oh.oh. tomyum soup, lou shi fan and soursop special at murni's is how you bribe the both of us!

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