Friday, November 6, 2009

fashion is not my forte

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first they were leggings, maybe it has been around for a long time but it only got famous like 2 years back? i recalled it being really famous around .....the mid 90's cause i was 12 then and mom was a HUGE fan of leggings. she had all kinds of prints! -_- frankly i hated them. i don't know why. maybe cause i was FAT and they make my legs look like FOREST TREE TRUNKS? (they still do but oh well)

i recalled her favourite print was one in Marilyn Monroe popart style. she made me wear it to one of the popular girl's birthday party (not mentioning her name here laughs*) and i also remembered how it tore a hole in the middle of the pants once i sat down cause i was too fat! -_- SIGH* spent the whole night covering that hole by sitting down nicely and leaving as early as possible.

that is why i hate leggings. although i find it a ridiculous need nowadays cause of popular long tops come short dresses. blah-_- but nope. i own ONE black leggings in case of emergency but have yet to use it cause i can never get past that trauma-_- ROAR*

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then we have padded shoulders which i recall it being famous during mom's era too. cause i remember giving this horrendous look albeit being 6 only, when mom wore it to work almost everyday. prolly they were called 'power jackets' back then. work jackets with padded shoulders. SO UGLY LARH. OMG. i don't know what was so in about it. i just know it felt wrong-_- the fact that it is making a comeback, it's giving me the shivers though all i saw so far were small padded shoulders.

but we'll see.

cause there's always pretty women out there modeling them to make them look hot and fashionable. making you succumb to it thinking "actually not so bad what" which i pray i will never fall into such category-_- argh*

i had a hard time accepting gladiator flats too-_- don't know why. some really looked nice. but some.....seriously.....bird cage gone wrong. sigh. girls and fashion.

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