Saturday, November 7, 2009

gives lil girl smiles :D

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omg. flowers in my room! wahahahaha *happyhappy flyfly*
don't care la although its just 3 stalks. ms.sexay bought for herself but her vase cannot fit so she gave me some (heh* i still happy don't care) can't believe the empty Snapple bottles etc. that i keep in case i feel like doing something crafty one day, which i felt like throwing just the day before cause they suddenly feel like rubbish instead, came in handy-_-''

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went to Waterlily again. sweat. with family this time so managed to try few more dishes :D meet the orgasmic dessert. sago, few kinds of fruits (jackfruit.watermelon.banana etc) coconut and what nots in a big cup! :D i love people who love desserts and people who doesn't. people who love will just love them with me! people who doesn't means you can eat their share. win win situation! :D heh*

and we had wine! which me and ms.sexay fell flat asleep on my bed after 2 glasses-_- so weak haha

Oh. and flipping our pictures from way back. my hair style has been the same for manymany years-_- fringe and just depending how long or how short is my length-_- from ears to shoulder. ms.sexay has changed gazillion hairstyles. see. what happens when your mom is a hairdresser and face is prettier-_- hahahaha

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