Thursday, November 19, 2009

he's a r-r-r-rrrrobot?!

so funny lar sometimes.
the things that i'm kidding about wanting or don't put much hope happens. where else things that i really want don't happen. what's this? *laughs*

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anyway, presenting ASTROBOY.
omg i did not expect to watch this-_-'' but surprisingly it wasn't bad. i knew the existence of AstroBoy but knew peanuts bout it. i always assumed it was a robot guy fighting bad guys (well, my guessing wasn't that off)

i love the colours used for this movie *shineshine eyes* happy and bright, like children's book (what am i saying? all cartoons are like children's book in movement) ahahaha it was not like jam-packed with emotions but enough to make you laugh at certain parts and feel sad at some. i mean...although he was a robot made to replace the Professor's dead son, "throwing" (disowning?) him away just like that was a pain to see.

how can they not care bout robot's feelings?! isn't Doraemon one of them!? *ROAR*

i looked into the old fart's eyes to show sadness at this point while saying that Doraemon thing..and all he can say was, "Er...where got...he's a cat...miao?"

-_- potong.

and machine guns at AstroBoy's butt? :D too cute. hahahaha brings farting to a different level.

just a movie to watch if you don't wanna use any brain cells and to train your eyesight to get used to his hairstyle-_-''

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