Saturday, November 14, 2009

Japanese Charity Fair @ Nikko Hotel

Anne and her .....inner skill in finding these kind of events despite being just back from UK not long. LOL -_-
Japanese food prepared by Japanese! DAMN GOOD! most of it were. Esp. the katsu bread. How come no one ever told me bout such bread!

Onigiri! yums max!! :D:D

There was a booth for wearing yukatas. It was damn packed! Just for RM5, you get to wear a yukata. Anne screamed the moment she saw it LOL I think we went all the way just for this lor!
Bimbo post ahead cause....:D what else but to take thousands of photos just to make my RM5 worth!

Anne reminds me of Kaoru in Samurai X

Can't get enough of the cute bow behind.


Walao. Damn cute LOL too bad our traditional costume is cheongsam/samfu and not these T_T gladly wear it to pai my grandma during CNY

Only missing is one in yellow. Then all colour complete! Can combine like power rangers :D

SO CUTE! LOL! Whatheheck.  

The cute obaasan that helped me with my yukata. She was so friendly and lovely:D And I gotta stop all my Sumimasens with her until she also sumimasen to me all the way O_O 

Yoyo balloon!!! Not cheap leh! and I super bad at it! People pay rm5 can take damn a lot of balloons. I paid RM5 and only got 1! That also I should be grateful. Knowing myself. Prolly would have ended up with none O_O

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