Sunday, November 1, 2009

Meal Order 9994

Organic Recipe
B3-09-11, Casa Utama,
Lorong Lebuh Bandar Utama PJU 6A,
47400 PJ.
Tel : 03-7729 0236
Fax : 03-7729 023

i like vegetarian when they don't taste like one :D
sometimes i really get baffled by all these vegetarian food. just cause you can't eat meat (or not supposed to) so you settle for superficial meat which in the end of the day feels like real to me....kinda defeating the whole purpose of going vegetarian.

the ironic thing is calling all "meat" dishes and end up with no veggies! might as well i go to a proper restaurant and order like 6 different kind of veggies right? arg* laughs* but we are humans and ar...this complexity makes us interesting as a whole (saving my own ass here)

anyway, i must have seen Organic Recipe's signboard (you know those, restaurant name. insert arrow pointing to loc) like more then 100 times. yes, cause i have to pass by that particular road to get home. ms.boob queen has tried it and LOVED the place. mom's is a vegetarian freelancer (eat by mood kind) so off we went.

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with clear directions, easily the restaurant can be located and seriously it was definitely way off from what i had in mind. they had an air conned area and non air conned. (smoking.non-smoking)(inside.outside) whatever works.

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the drink station is outside with lush greenery around. enough oxygen and air circulation.

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the inside had an area selling organic food items such as enzyme, rice, honey etc. it was a cross between cosy and chinese feel-_- like it's cosy cause of the colour theme but then again it was tables and tables packed like chinese restaurant. laughs*

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Fish. Rm11.90
taste was there. but then again anything with chilli base has taste. texture was not bad. haha not that it tasted like fish texture but you can feel it's organic-ness.

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yam basket. Rm13.90
the yam was not bad. but the veggie inside was only soso although i was like 'omg! pine nuts?!'. then again maybe cause bell peppers are not my favourite.

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seaweed rice ball. RM3.90
it was dry to me. at least i know the seaweed is confirm the unsalted healthy kind. you can actually taste the actual seaweed taste people use to cook soup. talking bout rice they serve white(RM1.50) and brown(RM3.00) not sure bout the white, but the brown rice was really dry and loose. maybe it's healthier that way (or maybe cause they put water while cooking it) i like my rice semi-sticky. thanks.

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popiah-ish salad. RM5.90
now i know, my mom chooses food that has pictures and food that has a varieties of colour-_- haha. this is definitely for the healthy. not bad with a tinge of some juice but if you feel like a cannibal that day skip this.

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Tofu. RM10.90
Tofu will always be tofu.(although i love tofu to bits and pieces) it's the sauce that makes the difference unless the tofu is really great on it's own. nothing special to me.

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Fruit Tea Rm9.90. RM3 for hot water refill.
so far i noticed vegetarian shops all serve super chun fruit teas like these. hahaha funny how people are willing to pay so much when it's actually simple to make at home.

But there was something that caught my attention in the menu that i wanted to try but no one wanted to support my decision.

Tom Yum soup in COCONUT. omg. must be heavenly. feels and sounds heavenly. argh* i shall go back 2nd round although everything i ate wasn't much to scream for!! ROAR.

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