Saturday, November 14, 2009

my daily diet

is doing not very sakai things but talking very sakai things with these people.

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meet sakai couple.
sakai left almost died from burnt tongue when i fed him hot mochi balls with black sesame:P *oops*

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big sakai feeding small sakai :D hahahah

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old sakai :D

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sakai putting an effort to get a pic with shy sakai :D
it worked lar.. HAHAHAHA
so funny lar- i nvr thought he would think of such idea. when people lift the menu not wanting to take a pic...lift together-_-''


as usuals, it's not where, it's not when, it's always who :D keke*

my only regret for the day is not taking a video of Casey shaking his bumbum at BBQ Chicken-_- Casey shake for me again!

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