Saturday, November 28, 2009

my last MV saturday

is supposed to be filled with studying for the upcoming JLPT.
but me being me, instead of 100% concentration on studying, i....
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now i have a whole lump sum of jap recipes i can try *happy lil' girl smiles*
i can imagine my kitchen showing a sad face now hahahaha :D
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*sniff*sniff* while the ah pek was scouting for christmas presents, instead of helping i did otherwise :P
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*sad* was written all over my face when that ah pek did not want to line up to eat jap. luckily he noticed a queueless Zanmai Zen. the table felt like feast. so happy. wahahahahaha~

and meet's new sugarbabe :D accidently broke the old one while traveling the last time. i was searching high and low for a replacement :D these came in those packets where you would not know what character you would get unless you open it. worth the risk since they were designed by DevilRobots :D

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