Monday, November 30, 2009

tuh-wen-ty-four already arh?!

  • the ones that has been wishing every year without fail still continues.
  • the one that i did not expect from actually remembered *major shock*
  • feel bad for the one that called me at midnight to sing but i missed the call-_-
  • the ones that were supposed to wished me did not. haha. well one wished dayssss before and the other one wished everyday for 3 wrong days and missed the correct date-_-'' very the keng is that both blamed each other for the wrong date-_-'' you two..sigh*
  • i had new wishes this year (*smiles*)
  • although a lot less wishes then last year, but i know everyone that wished this year are the ones that truly remember from the heart (or their phone reminder laughs*)
funnily i also received more presents then last year-_-'
(glow in the dark panties anyone? HAHAHAHA)

random birthday moments:
  • i bought a strawberry tart and a slice of strawberry cake just to bring over and share it with ms.sexay and dancing queen. amos bear joined along soon after :D
  • i ate fried egg rice with super a lot of belacan as birthday dinner celebration :D i wanted McD..but dad was sick so decided to just have it easy at home. God heard me cause amos bear bought McD's and i could steal some *laughs* and the set drink was RIBENA!!!!!!!
  • my brother and his girlfriend put up a funny cute wishing act for me (and die also won't repeat for me to video-_- bleah)

i also wanna wish my baobei barbie and ichitaka jason for both of them share the same birthday :D
and pie that falls on tmr.
may everyday be filled with rainbow sprinkles**

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