Monday, December 28, 2009

2 birds at one go

Bodyguards and Assassins
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i have never cried so much for a movie in a very long time. shows what a hambao(crybaby) i am. sigh* i cried from the part where the bodyguards start to protect Mr.Sun. way up till the end. together with lil screams here and there along the way. how can i not cry?! the movie was so bloody. everyone was dying. blood was spurting everywhere. pain was felt. feelings weren't spared. i was literally dying. i was dead by the time the show ended-_- i lovelove the movie but my heart definitely can't take a second time. sigh* my brother was gonna kill me though throughout the movie. hahahaha :D

Treasure Hunter
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watch if you are a Jay Chou fan, don't watch if you are not :D ahahahhaha
nothing very special if you ask me. storyline was soso...acting...okaylarh. effects....well i love one fighting scene where bandages were flying all over :D felt like watching Naruto for a while. i love the "sand town" set up though. hahah there was this one shop that felt like those Japan's roadside ramen shop. damn cute!! :D Jay Chou...although i was gonna doze off (hello. how lar to fight Indiana Jones) but i have to give him credit. he's considered rookie for this (he better stick to romance since Secret was wayyy better) but he surprisingly can kick some ass :D

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