Friday, December 4, 2009

hums a silent song*

i am supposed to be revising my heart out for this sunday’s jap exam.

but yet after all those chinese characters my mind drifted apart and my eyes settled on my newly bought stack of books. bought with my parent’s humble amount of money as a birthday present to me.
a few moments won’t hurt anyone, i thought to myself.
like an addiction. few words became a sentence. sentences turned into paragraphs. paragraphs became pages. pages to chapters. next thing i knew i was hooked.
hooked into this book.
it has been a long time since i read romance novels. i thought to myself after the last one that i have read.
life is too cruel. life is too grey. all these romance novels does nothing but makes life’s romance worse then it can be already.
it’s only making the real world look sad.
but i was tempted. so i bought and now i’m stuck. stuck with this book filled with love, hope, faith and fate
chapter 5 i stopped. i placed the book in the depths of my cupboard. wishing time now will fly by cause i can’t wait to snuggle in bed on Sunday night, allowing the book to take me to that place. the place that i once upon a time believed in it.

randomness aside, having pizza tonight! oh how lovely it is not to be healthy! it's a sin and i'm a sinner. my dear lil tummy, forgive me.

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