Tuesday, December 1, 2009

my december plans

.buy presents for 'the list'
.make cards inc. for my bro's girlfriend. swt
.super sweep thy super messy room
.clear stuffs for donation
.bake cookies and cakes
.settle japanese classes
.set up decorations
.take cousin hang kaikai and eat her favourite super belated cake
.follow ms.sexay back to her hometown
.meet up for bodo christmas dinner
.meet up mopiko
.meet up the double A paper girls :D
.family turkey time
.plan plans for countdown

is all gonna go down the drain because i have these now.
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
and they are driving me crazy.
they are like THERE but i can't read until JLPT is well over.
i can practically hear them calling my name....asking me to flip 'em, caress the pages, smell 'em *cringe*
ms.sexay has like around 10 more books she's gonna pass to me not that soon (haha she will have problem finishing her stack also)
i still have ms.rockstarr's 3 books and her whole set of Twilight that i have yet to touch.

pulls hair. this is insane!!!!!!!
can i just own a bookstore cafe-_- earn money while reading and drinking tea.

oh! p.s//BigBadWolfSale at Amcorp Mall ends tmr. but no harm sneaking out just to grab some right? besides i realize a lot of pretty girls read!! :D

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