Friday, January 1, 2010

countdown to the first 21's

hello people :D
meet the soon to be...
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in their "barney" suits...don't know why they are in purple. kinda liked last years theme. boys in pink. girls in white :D haha like marriage.

proudly presenting their age
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:D lame pose that was done since cousin's 21st. means just last year? swt.

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don't think i captured everyone-_- but it was chaotic enough! esp. during bbq session i thought we were sending out smoke signals to red indians somewhere across the globe-_-!!

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the very 'cool' candle. hahahahahaha :D it was ridiculously stupid in a cute way.

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21st marks the start of freedom. together with it comes responsibility.
in other words, take care of your own buttocks. *laughs*
to me 21 is just a number. like any number with any coming age. but we all need a certain blown out of proportion number to make us remember and recall of ourselves sometimes. time flies...hahaha :D i recall my own 21st. i did not have any grand one (which i don't really like in the 1st place also...haha-_-'') but i had a bunch of small really ongoing for a few days with different people at different places with different cakes-_-'' for a 21st birthday that was the year i did not receive any presents also. how ironic. *laughs*

i feel so bad for my brother-_- always have to salvage some cake for me from any birthday celebration cause i am always too slow and he knows i love cakes-_- and their cakes always damn good. don't know where they get their stock. seriously.

ohoh! and my dad-_- sigh* the birthday girl always helps my mom to wash up stuffs after any celebration. this time my mom pao an anpao for her since it's her 21st and my dad asked "wow, she helped you washed dishes and you gave money?!" "hello uncle? you think why she stood there with your son together cut birthday cake leh?! why not he stand with his gf instead?!"

haha :D ke ai de papa

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