Saturday, January 9, 2010

forever 21st.

spent my whole day lying around bed thanks to "auntie pain". i even went to class with my horrendous hawaiian pants that everyone hates. hahahahahaha:D surprisingly the more people hate it the more i love it. shows how thick of a skin i have considering i really don't give 2 hoots what people think bout me when i walk out of home with it.

unfortunately it bothers me that it makes my friends and family feel bad cause in people's mind they must be thinking "poor people. stuck with this sakai"...okaylar if people think me as sakai. but don't think poorly of my love ones cause they are with this sakai please T_T

anyway show you the highlight of the day.

FOCUS IS DOWN THERE. the thing down there! the below of the pic is a delicious plate of LOBSTAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!

i now announce that i am feeling terribly sorry to people who can't eat seafood, don't know how to enjoy seafood and hate seafood.

banzai to seafooooood~

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