Sunday, January 24, 2010

of random wishing cats

hello. meet my baby bro's new wall deco.
say with me now!:D
sooooo cuuuuuutttttteeeeeeee~ i personally feel the cat on the right looks like him. big butt and all. hahahaha :D
his 40kg girlfriend bought for him knowing how much he wanted it for just rm35. cheaplor-_- so everyone at Mt.Kiara please go get it since they are clearing stock at 40% off hence the cheap price.

then i randomly started my random crap.
"oh wishing cat. hear my plea. i wanna eat tofu if you please."

my mom was like..."you hungry then we go eat lar-_-"
ate we did alright. but i was craving for something saucy and tofu-iy. sigh* why no one understands my love for tofu. (and dumplings and fried rice and penang kueh zhap and....many random food) T_T although i shouldn't be eating a lot cause my knee joints are failing on me. bleah.

but arh :D ms.sexay chan suddenly came and crash with rojak which has TOFU and SAUCE and....:D
my beloved sotong!
talk bout random wishes! it was the last thing i was expecting! :D:D:D:D
omg so easy to make me happy. wathefunnyfishface.

hmm.....maybe i should wish for something more tmr. like a big box of cupcakes! :D
if tmr i blog bout cupcakes you know what happen la.

i went to buy some HAHA :D

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