Saturday, January 2, 2010

random movie

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus
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i did not even know such movie existed-_- shows how much i check movie listings.
we just went to TGV (after looking at how horribly long the queue was at GSC. ridiculous!) and i jumped right into it at the sight of the poster (or maybe cause i saw the magic word. JOHNNY DEPP. hahahahah:D)

forced the ah pek to watch :P and ar...he obliged cause he saw the "Festival De Cannes" logo imprinted on the poster. okay. maybe cause Heath Ledger was one of the main too.

i lovelovelove independent films!!! :D there's always something ....bout them. certain depth that most of Hollywood blockbusters are missing (esp when i watched Die Hard 4...did not know why the heck i was sitting in the cinema just paying to watch explosions-_-'' sigh)

anyway maybe it's just me. since this show is more fairytale-ish based :D as long it made me happy. hahahaha :D i shall now leave you with the following link for i think the person wrote a great review on it. if you ask me..i can't even summarize it for you-_-

or you can always wikipedia it.

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